Why bloggers quit blogging? | Reasons for quitting blogging

Why bloggers quit blogging? | Reasons for quitting blogging

Why bloggers quit blogging?
On the off chance that in the wake of blogging for about fourteen days you are mooched that you aren’t seeing the better press, at that point, you haven’t given it enough time. On the other hand, if you have been blogging for a half year or a year and still don’t have perusers, something’s wrong. It’s either time to change your technique or to quit blogging.
Before anyone starts a blog, they have certain expectations that they feel would be fulfilled someday. Generally, the expectations are money, fame, and satisfaction. Later they feel frustrated when a lot of things don’t go well as desired.
It is not fixed that these many out of these quit blogging. But, there are some who quit because of certain reasons that I am going to explain today. You might also be experiencing some of these reasons and thinking to quit blogging.
Most of the bloggers quit blogging before a year they have started blogging. Those who are consistent stay and win. Consistency is the major factor in blogging that keeps you alive and fine.


1. Unable to compose:

If any users cannot write good articles, they quit blogging. In the beginning, you feel that you are a terrible blog writer. Later, you get no responses; no audience and you are all alone. Then you feel that you should quit blogging because your article creates no impact.
But in some cases, it mightn’t be true. You might be getting other things wrong, not your articles. Even though your article is horrible, it is not better to give up. This is how you improve the quality of your blog posts. Make mistakes and learn.
How can you be a great composer of the article, if you don’t try?

2. Traffic:

Bloggers need traffic to get what they desire. Whether you run a business blog or a hobby blog, you need traffic. Actually, who doesn’t need traffic? A geeky blogger can get some techniques by his/her own and a newbie beginner blogger feels tough to gain even 1k views per month.
After trying a lot of methods listed out on the net, they fail. They might be getting it wrong and doing it wrong. And, they quit blogging.
There are some tricks sometimes, which work for successful bloggers but not for all. Those secrets are kept secret and only a part of it is revealed by tech bloggers on their blogs. Who wants to increase their competitors by giving away all of their secrets? Will you give away the successful blogging secrets of yours?
Now, you might be thinking, if I am saying this all, do I reveal my blogging and traffic secrets here? Believe it or not, I am giving all my resources here in this blog to help you out and everything for free. I don’t care about my competitors, how they perform and outcast me from this industry.
Competition is how you become strong and learn more. Competitors are the real motivators.

3. Money as an unhealthy fixation/ Unable to earn:

Earning as a compulsion, bloggers get obsessed only by earning. If you get a spark of luck, then you can earn from blogging in less than a year’s time. While in most cases, procuring from blogs needs time, quality and consistency.
If anyone focuses only on earning, then they concentrate only on how to earn. They try endless methods but fail because they can’t wait. You need to have the patience to earn. Every blogging niche can make some cents. There are several niches with something to advertise and profit from.
Try to solve problems first, the money will find you then. Take the blog’s quality and patience as a priority, money as secondary. If it is the opposite, sooner or later, you too will quit blogging.

4. Competition:

Some bloggers quit because of competition. First, they start a blog thinking that they are alone and later find that there are several ones under the same niche.
They find that they are successful and their success is a result of years of struggles. Now, they become depressed. Their presence is a headache for new bloggers.
If Facebook is popular, so is Twitter. Both are social networking platforms. But, they present themselves in different ways. This is how you should think about competitors. If they can succeed, so can you.
Try things differently. Some of them even kill their desire for blogging before they start a blog.

5. Time:

Time is another factor in successful blogging. Actually, you need both time and consistency. People are busy. They are into different vocations to make a living while blogging is a hobby for them.
Later, they quit blogging because they lack time to research, write and publish.
If this is the case, then write as a part-time blogger. Be consistent. Publish one article a week, but post every week. Later, when your blog starts being popular, blog as a full-timer.

6. Controversies:

There are some bloggers whose blogs are controversial. Their writings irritate people. It sometimes affects the sentiments of individuals and communities. So, they quit blogging due to pressure.

7. Hate comments:

Sometimes people quit blogging because of hate comments and emails. Those hate speeches, comments and emails hurt the ego of bloggers and they give up.
It is even found that, in some cases, the competitors spread hate messages through many means and sources. It is common under the same blogging niches.
So, let the crows caw, continue your work of publishing for all goodness.

8. Pressures:

People even quit blogging due to pressure from friends and family. This pressure arises if you are an event blogger, critics, travel blogger, motivator and another type of personal blogger because of privacy issues.
Your parents might force you to stop blogging if they fear that your articles are revealing the inside matters. Sometimes, due to threatening from a group that does not support your views might pressurize to bring your article or particular images down.
When this goes on, you feel that something is wrong within you, and you quit blogging.
** When I thought of all these years ago, I too thought to quit blogging. Then, with a second thought, I decided to take another chance and started from the beginning with more research. I am not better at writing, but at least my writing is now able to convince people and solve their problems. If I had quit blogging back in 2014, then this day wouldn’t have come that I feel proud of myself being called as the owner of BestNepali.com making a living by blogging.
Please don’t quit blogging. Let us go together solving each other’s problems and we will rise together.
If you enjoyed reading this article and if it helped to solve your queries, please help me by sharing this article. I created this article piece by piece. So it matters a lot if you can help a tiny blogger like me with your one share.
Thank you for reading! Happy blogging!
Do you wish to continue or quit your blog?

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