Ways To Earn From Websites Explained in detail

Earning from website

Earning from website


Before you create a website, it is necessary that you learn about different ways to earn from a website. If you plan the type of your site, then you can start building it accordingly. There are various ways to create a website.
If you are geeky, then you can use your own codes to build it and if you are not, hire a professional. If you want to save the cost of hiring a professional, then here is a free step by step guide about how you can create a WordPress website.
With this guide, you can create a website of your own and on your own.
There are various ways to earn from your website and here I am discussing a few major types that are proven to earn you money.

How to earn from a website?

Generally, people use two methods to earn from their website. The first one is Adsense and another is affiliate marketing. To earn using these two ways, you need content on your site. There is a simple strategy:
1. You create website >> you add contents >> you drive in traffic >> you monetize through Adsense and other ad networks.
2. You create website >> you add reviews about affiliate products and services >> you drive in traffic >> People purchase through your reference >> you get the commission as earning.
(These are the actually the blog site)




Blogs are those websites that contain information and are updated on a frequent basis whereas typical websites are updated rarely and contain some information. Read more about blogging here.



Ways to earn from websites:


1. Blogging websites:

Blogs are popular nowadays because people have more internet connectivity and they like to read blogs as blogs contain useful related information. Blogging is a powerful way of earning if you do it the right way. If you are in a profitable niche, then earning is not so difficult.
But there are millions of bloggers and thousands of them are under the same niche. So, what can you do? You can think of creative ways to convince people and provide information. You can create a blog under a micro-niche under a niche.
For instance; instead of blogging about traveling, you can blog only about traveling in a particular country or traveling tools and kits or traveling by saving money and so on.
Later, when you start getting traffic, you can extend your topics and create blogs on multiple aspects of travel.
Here is a list of bloggers who make huge money from blogging. You can also read my article about the ways of earning from blogging.

2. E-commerce websites:

Have you heard about sites like Amazon, Alibaba, Daraz? They all are e-commerce websites. These sites sell products and services directly. You can cover a large area of business through e-commerce because the internet has no boundaries. This is the biggest merit of the internet for e-commerce websites. Most of these kinds of websites sell worldwide.
You can open up an e-commerce store that covers the local market. Gone are the days when people used to go to the market and experiment shop by shop to experiment with the products and buy what they prefer. Now, people are busy than before.
They review products on the internet and place their orders from home. They want everything delivered to their place. When you are confident that you can cover a larger area, and have resources, then you can think of expanding your trading areas.
If you think there are already a number of E-commerce sites, then you can narrow down your variety of products or services. When another site is selling all types of products, then you can think of selling only electronic items or only gadgets or only clothes or only drinks or only stationery and so on.
If these narrowed categories also have competitors, then you can narrow it more. For instance, instead of selling all types of clothes, you can only sell Tee-Shirts or Pants or footwear and so on.
Instead of selling all types of electronic gadgets, you can plan to sell only Smart-Phones or Laptops or Gaming Consoles, etc.

3. Affiliate marketing:

This is another way to earn from the website and the easiest way to earn online. If you are not sure what affiliate marketing is, then here is the answer. You promote products and services of some other brands and companies and whenever someone goes through your referral link and makes a purchase, you earn a certain percentage of commission from those sales.
The more sales you make for them, the more is the commission. From any brand, pick a trendy but most purchased product or service, give an honest review and refer them to the product or service landing page.
Here is a detailed guide about affiliate marketing and earning. Please refer to know more.

4. Set up online directories:

If you are not sure what online directories are, then here is the answer. An online directory is the online list or catalog of websites.
You can create an online directory and charge for monthly or yearly registration or subscription from brands and businesses. You can create business directories, e-commerce directories, blog directories and many more of a kind.
Directories are useful to brands and business because it helps people to find their business details, place, price, products and services easily in one place. Some of the websites and businesses get enough traffic and audiences through such directories. So, they want to be registered in such directories.
This is how you earn. You charge for subscription and registration and in return, manage their business profile. Some examples of business directories are;


5. Google Adsense:

Google AdSense is an advertisement network from Google. This is one of the popular ways of earning from your website. Millions of websites use Google ads on their websites to earn money. In order to earn from Google AdSense, you need content and heavy traffic.
You can use these three easy steps to use Google ads on your website:
  • Create a website and add content.
  • Drive-in traffic to your website.
  • Sign up for Google AdSense.
  • Apply for registration.
  • Get verified and start showing ads on your website.
There are certain criteria to get your website verified for Google AdSense. Read more about Google Adsense here.

6. Sell ad space:

Have you seen websites showing up ads on their website header, sidebars, and other sections? These ads are the only source of revenue for some kinds of websites. The ad price is usually determined on the basis of the website’s traffic per hour, the area of the ad space, size of ad and position.
It was not considered important in the early days but now it has become a major revenue source of websites primarily dependent on ad revenue alone.
The cost of these kinds of ads varies from $100 to $10,000 per month. So, if you can drive in an avalanche of traffic to your website, then you can earn heavy revenue every month.

7. Sell own products:

There are two kinds of products: Digital and Physical that you can sell on your website. It is difficult to sell physical products because you need to manage the stock of products and deliver them manually.
This costs a lot of manpower, investment, knowledge of shipping rules.
So, better to go for digital products. You can sell your own e-books, codes, themes, logos, plugins, images and other files that can be downloaded from the place of the search itself. You don’t need to deliver digital goods and need not to maintain the stocks. The stock of digital goods never depletes although there are 1 billion downloads.
You don’t need to be techy to create digital goods. Simply create e-books regarding how to’s, parenting, blogging, life knowledge, saving, traveling guide, fashion guide and whatever you know.
You can also sell images, videos, and logos that you can craft sitting on your desk.
That means you can sell your expertise through books. Create a pdf file with better contents that actually solve people’s problems, add a good cover page and publish it on your website. Decide the price for each book, give a short description of it and you have created your own e-book store.

8. Donations:

You can accept donations on your website. Add a small PayPal donation button on any place of your website. If people love what you are showing on your website or your services, they want to donate.
However, don’t expect for hundreds and thousands of donations from donors unless you are running a trust or foundation for serving others.

9. Sponsored posts:

Sponsored posts are those contents or articles in which brands or companies want to show up on your website to publicize something of value because you have a large audience network.
For instance, if Samsung wants to advertise its latest launch, then they want to approach your website to sponsor a post related to the latest launch. You can negotiate the price per sponsored post and publish it on your website.
However, your website needs to be a niche website so that the advertisers can get their real customers through sponsored posts. That means, to sponsor a post about Samsung smartphone, your website must be related to technology, not a personal finance website.

10. Generate lead for other companies:

This works best if you have a huge number of email subscribers on your website. You can use that email list to generate a lead for other companies.
For example, if I want to publicize one of my product then I can approach you to deliver the information about that product through your list of emails. You can charge the cost per email. By doing this, I can procure if some of your audiences buy that product from me.
This is how you have earned by generating leads through emails for my company.

11. Website flipping:

Everyone wants a website for their business because it is profitable to go digital rather than physical in the business world. But, they cannot get their desired domains because most of them are already taken.
When you type in the names of some of those domains in the address bar and hit search, you find nothing or sometimes “This website is for sale” message. Because you want that domain seriously as it is related to your business name or business type, you are willing to pay more to get it. This is how they earn.
How many 4 or 5 lettered websites are left there? How many meaningful and catchy websites are left there? There are few. So, if you could register some domains prior to someone else does, then you can sell those later at a high price.
You can also sell your own website. Create a website, add content, drive in traffic and you can sell it later for more price. People want to purchase websites that are already getting traffic. It solves their problem of advertising their websites and directly start a business.
So, if you are an SEO expert and know the techniques to generate traffic, you can use this merit to flip websites.
You can buy or sell websites on these sites: AfternicSEDOUniregistryTheDomains, FreeMarket, etc.

12. Advertisements:

Advertisements are other ways of earning from the website. Here I am not talking about advertisements from ad networks. I am talking about the advertisers who want to publicize their products and services.
Ad networks are the mediators and they don’t provide you the full payment from the real advertisers. They cut off their commission and fund you partly. Direct advertisements will earn you full revenue without the involvement of middle brands/ mediators.
It is similar to ad space but covers more other ways like image advertisement, banner advertisement, link advertisement, pop-ups, text advertisements, etc.
Revenue from advertisement also depends upon the size of your web traffic, space, area, position, etc. You can charge the price of the advertisement as per these features.

13. Job Boards:

Job boards are popular classified websites that people prefer to search for jobs. It is difficult to find related jobs searching everywhere but job boards minimize this difficulty. A variety of jobs are listed on the same particular website and people can choose from various alternatives.
They can apply directly through these websites digitally. They can find a local level, national level, and international job vacancy details at a place.
So, you can create a job board website where you can post job vacancies that are requested by different brands and companies with certain fees. You can also add a subscription charge to your audience who are willing to register on your website to get the job offers.

14. News websites:

News websites are other great ways of earning money. There are thousands of news websites created daily. These websites post-national and international, political, business, sports and other kinds of news daily. Hence, instead of thinking to compete with them, focus on local news.
Create a local news website that represents your area and covers the news and events of your locality. You can easily get advertisement offers from local businesses and traders. When you think you are growing, then expand your coverage area.
You need newsagents in different places and they need to be paid monthly for their service and effort. So, the decision to cover large area needs huge initiation costs and strategic planning. Go for local coverage.

15. Other ways:

You can create classified websites like OLX, Quickr, Hamrobazaar, etc, with a user subscription fee. Start a consulting website, motivation website, etc. You can also sell health services as a yoga coach.
Being a business consultant is also another profitable website idea.

Final words

Now you know the ways of earning through websites. You can think of starting a website of any kind as per your monetization needs. Even a single website can earn in multiple ways. For instance, a job board can earn through banner ads, email lists, advertisements, sponsored content, etc.
The offers will approach you directly from other brands and companies once you have traffic to your site. Don’t get frustrated in the beginning. As you will need to apply a lot of techniques to bring in visitors to your website and this needs time and patience.
This article is made piece by piece. I have spent days with the effort to create this article. So, one share from you will change my things. Please help me by sharing this article.
What ways are you thinking to apply to earn from a website? What other ideas do you have?

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