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What is the meaning of life? What makes something blue or something green? Why are they called the library? What is vlogging? All the questions that you might be hungry about may not have an exact answer.
However, in today’s article, I am going to explain what Vlogging is. Maybe when you hear the word vlogging, I think about when people are carrying around a camera basically documenting their every day, day to day activities.

Vlog Meaning:

Vlogging means a video log. Essentially what I’m doing right now is technically a blog, “a weblog”. You are reading a written article or a web journal currently. Unlike a blog, a vlog is a video blog. Generally, those video blogs are published through web television like Youtube, Facebook or other such platforms and usually known as Vlogs.
Nowadays, on Youtube, a lot of people just in general are flocking to connect with the audience as it is an important part of businesses. It is an important part of your brand to connect with your audience.
Vlogs give your audience a kind of behind the scenes looks. With that said not everyone’s going to vlog and doing the whole daily vlogging thing, I think that’s a little bit crazy because it’s so much work to do a vlog every day unless you are a specific daily vlogger.

Vlog Pronunciation:

Vlog is pronounced as /vlɒɡ/ in the U.K and /vlɑːɡ/ in the US.

Vlog Definition:

As defined by the Cambridge English dictionary, ” A vlog is a video blog, a record of your thoughts, opinions or experiences that you film and publish on the internet.”
Wikipedia defines a vlog as a “video blog or video log, usually shortened to vlog /vlɒɡ/, is a form of blog for which the medium is video, and is a form of web television. “
Merriam-Webster defines a vlog as “a blog that contains video material.

Vlogger vs Blogger:

One crazy difference can be, “The one who blogs is a blogger and the one who vlogs is a vlogger.
A vlogger is one who expresses his/ her thoughts, experiences and events through video medium and publishes those through web TV, usually Youtube. Whereas, a blogger is one who expresses his/ her thoughts or publishes contents in written form through blogs/ websites, journals, newspapers or other digital mediums.
Comparatively, it is easier to be a blogger than a vlogger if we consider the costs of initiation. You need to have a better camera, mics and other tools to start a vlog. While in the case of blogs, you just need to have the passion and there are free platforms where you can type in, write in and publish. Both vloggers and bloggers need a laptop to edit the draft.
It is a quick job to film but a long and tiresome job to create blog posts, so while you compare these two, in terms of creation, vlogging is easy. However, an introvert finds it easier to blog rather than to blog.
What do you think? Please leave a comment.
Types of vlogs:
You can dig out as many categories and types of vlogs. There are blogs for every niche so there can be vlogs for every niche. If you can write and publish for a category, then you can record/ film and upload for each of those categories. In a nutshell, I want to say that there are as many kinds of vlogs as there are blogs. However, some major types of vlogs that people are nowadays busy with regards to profit are:
1. Vlog: You can film your everyday life, your work life, your success, your expertise in any specific field, a series of crafting something, traveling, etc.
2. Culture: You can film about the customs and practices in your work, office or home and how it has helped it with different aspects of your life.
3. Interview: In this category, you can create vlogs taking an interview of some respected, influential, quotable personalities and publish out in your channel.
4. Webinar: You can host webinars regarding anything that is useful and helpful to your audiences/ attendees.
5. Event: Another type of vlog where you record the daily events and happenings around you and your circle. People want to know the events that are going to happen locally or at distance. For instance, an opening of a Mall, visit of the PM.
6. Live to stream: You can use Facebook for this. Or if you have a large youtube audience, then you can live stream about your update, your birthday celebration, new year or festival celebration.
7. Tutorial: You can guide your audience through a lot of tutorials on How to use something, how to do this or that, how to bell a cat.
8. Product Review: This is a popular way of how YouTubers are making money out of every product. They are affiliated to at least one brand of any category of product and they give review through their vlogs.
9. Behind the Scenes: People like insights of any creation. So, if you can film behind the scenes series, then you are going right to make earn revenue. You can vlog about how you made your first vlog, how you received your first earning out of something, etc.


How to Vlog?

In this article we are also going to talk about how to vlog, the complete basics and the beginners’ guide to vlogging and some important information that you should know about when you’re starting your own vlog. You might be wondering how to create engagement vlogs and so I put this article together to help you out and help all of you out so you can create better content. I know there’s a lot to unpack in this article so let us get ahead.
Let’s get into gear and that is the first section, “the tools”. These are the things that you need to create your vlog. 

Tools for vlogging:

1. Vlog Camera:

The general tools while you create a vlog is a camera for recording. If you are into vlogging professionally, then you need a better camera that can film for a long time with good shots. More preferably, a waterproof camera to vlog underwater or in a humid environment is a good choice. 
The best fit will be a pocket camera because you might not purposively go anywhere with all your vlog set up and tools. In that situation, a pocket camera can be a useful tool to film an unexpected event. However, if you are a hobby vlogger, then you can even go with your mobile’s camera. 

2. A tripod:

The second thing you require is a tripod that is stable and strong. It is used to hold your camera while you talk about anything. 

3. Vlog Microphone:

The third basic thing you need is a microphone that can record with good sound quality. Preferably, a microphone that has a noise cancellation feature is good to have. You might not be liking the sounds of those vehicles, those honkings, and those crowds. Your audience might get irritated and may decide to unfollow you. 
However, if you are a nature vlogger, then Those background noises don’t matter at all. It is better to capture the sounds of that breeze, the chirping of birds and the noise of those flowing rivers and waterfalls.
If you don’t want to go costly, then to record, you just need a camera because if you can tell a compelling story or give someone some insight into the person it doesn’t matter what tools you are doing it with. 
However, if you’re gonna wanna progress on getting better tools you going to get better cameras microphones all that as you get more into vlogging. So the essentials are a camera but and a tripod to hold the camera and a microphone to capture better audio at the very basics set up.
I hope that helps. Thanks for reading. if you have any questions, please feel free to comment below.
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