Ubersuggest is a free traffic analyzer and keyword research tool that is dominating the market today. Most SEO experts use this tool for SEO, keyword research, analysis of the competition and analyze search volume. I know you need traffic. Actually, who doesn’t? There are multiple ways of driving in traffic towards your blog. But this tool will help you to drive in organic traffic for free.
The features in UberSuggest are unbeatable as well as free. you don’t even need to sign up for using this tool. So what are those features that make Ubersuggest, one of the best free keyword research and SEO tools? Why should you use UberSuggest? I will be concentrating on finding the answer to these questions in this article.
Whether you are in blogging, digital marketing, SEO consulting, website owner or marketer, you need to get visitors, audiences and customers. One easy way to help you out on these businesses is Ubersuggest. Let’s go ahead with the specialties of UberSuggest.

Features of Ubersuggest:


1. Keyword overview:

When you go to UberSuggest and type in any keyword to research, the first result you will always get is the keyword overview. This feature allows you to see the monthly volume of traffic a particular keyword gets, the SEO difficulty, paid difficulty, CPC and trends of traffic the keyword gets.
SEO difficulty shows the estimated competition of the keyword in the organic search. If the difficulty is below 50, then you can give that keyword a try. A higher number indicates a higher level of difficulty and vice versa. Paid difficulty shows you the estimated competition in paid search. 
CPC stands for cost per click. That means the amount you need to spend for that keyword if you want the keyword to be shown as an Ad on Google. Conversely, you can also understand it in a profitable sense. i.e, if you create an article on that keyword and if it ranks on Google, you will earn that amount of share for a single click on your ad. (Google AdSense)
See the screenshot below for better understanding:
In the screenshot, you can see that I have researched the keyword ‘traffic’. The monthly search for that word is 301,000 which is high but the SEO difficulty is also high. It depicts that it is difficult to rank an article on that keyword on Google. But if I can try the paid search, I can rank it easily and the CPC is also low.
In the lower section, you can see the search volume trend for the term ‘traffic’. The keyword is ranking in a declining trend in recent months.

2. Keyword Ideas:

The second feature from UberSuggest is that you can get keyword ideas for your head keyword. Scroll a bit and you will find keyword ideas from UberSuggest.
You will also get the keyword trend, the monthly volume of search for those related keywords, CPC, PD and SD. PD shows the paid search difficulty and SD shows the organic search difficulty. Lesser the number, higher the opportunity to rank on those keywords.
The following screenshot helps you understand it better:
In the first column, you can see the keyword ideas that are related to the seed keyword ‘traffic’. You can see all the keyword ideas if you click the option “View all keywords ideas”. The second column shows the monthly trends of search on those keyword ideas.
The third column shows the volume of traffic that each keyword gets. The fourth column shows CPC. Likewise, the fifth and sixth column reveals the paid difficulty and SEO (organic) difficulty level respectively for each of the keywords.
What to do with these keyword ideas? Well, there are three things you can do with them. The first thing is that you can create separate articles on those keywords whose search difficulty is low. The second thing you can do is you can integrate all those ideas in a single article with the head keyword ‘traffic’. That way, you can bring in more search traffic for each of those ideas keywords.
However, you should not be stuffing all those keywords into your tag or randomly paste them anywhere. Integrate them inside your article in such a way that it gives a meaningful sense.
The third thing you can do with those keywords is to completely ignore them and gain less traffic. Isn’t that cool?

3. Domain overview:

With this feature, you can check your competitors’ domains and sneak into their site to know how they are performing in terms of traffic. You will also be able to know their domain score, their backlinks, referring domains and the monetary value of their organic traffic.
In order to get that data, instead of typing in a keyword, just enter your competitor’s domain in the search option and hit enter. You will get the results similar to the screenshot below:
I just typed in ‘kullabs.com’ just for example purpose although they are not my competitors. It is an educational website in Nepal which is very popular for its academic blogs. Let’s get into the topic.
In the screenshot above, you can see the number of organic keywords the site ranks for. The organic traffic is approximately 42K per month which is too good. The site is not using any paid keywords. In the lower section, you can see the traffic trend from August to February which is inclining. On the bottom section, you can get to see the domain score, the number of backlinks, referring domains and the net value of organic traffic.

d. Top SEO Pages:

When you scroll down a bit, the next result you will see in Ubersuggest for domain research is the SEO pages result. It shows the topmost pages of a site in any country, the SEO title URL that the page ranks for, estimated monthly visits for those pages, backlinks and number of social shares.
In the screenshot above, you can see the top pages of Kullabs in different countries. The first column shows the SEO title that shows up in the Google search for those URLs. The second column shows the estimated visits per month for those URLs. Similarly, the fifth column shows the number of backlinks and the last two columns shows the number of social shares those pages have received to date.

e. SEO Keywords:

Last, but not least the next feature of UberSuggest you will see on the screen after you scroll down a little more is SEO keywords. They are those keywords that the whole site ranks for in the organic search. This is another great cheat to peek into the competitor’s ranked keywords.
On the top row of the screenshot, you can see the top keywords by country. The first column shows the search keywords of the site. Similarly, the second column shows the volume of traffic every keyword gets every month. Likewise, the third column shows the position of the site’s URLs on Google search that is ranked on the basis of those keywords. The last column shows the estimated visits the site gets for each of those keywords.
You can use those keywords for which your competitor ranks, in your own unique article to get your own post ranked.


To sum up, UberSuggest solves most of your keywords related problems and help to manage your site’s SEO. Another reason why you should use UberSuggest is that it is free.
I have been using this tool for a year now and it has helped me rank up higher in the search engine. However, I use some other tools to optimize my site’s search engine settings. You can read the articles regarding those tools from the links below.
What do you think about UberSuggest? Did you ever use this tool before? What other benefits this tool can have for a blogger/ Please comment.

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