Start a Wix website

Start a Wix website | Step by step Wix guide

Start a Wix website
So, among the different blogging platforms, you chose to start your blog using Wix is an easy drag and drop website builder where you can get multiple options for setting your custom blog. Here is a step by step guide to setting up a website for free. Start a Wix website.
However, if you need a professional Wix website to set up your custom domain, you can upgrade to a premium plan that starts with an expense of $4.50 per month with better functionality, 500 MB storage and 1 GB bandwidth.
But, in a free plan, you get a Wix subdomain website that does not seem professional and not good for monetization. Wix will show its ads under the free plan. Monetization will be difficult.
It is better to have the most popular unlimited freelancer plan that starts with a cost of $12.50 per month. Under this plan, you get a free domain name, free form builder app worth $48 and free site booster app worth $60.
You also get unlimited bandwidth for extended traffic and 10 GB of storage where you can save your all data files.
Here is a screenshot of plans that helps you to understand easily.
*All screenshots in this article are taken from
So, let’s begin. Follow the steps below step by step and build your free website in less than 20 minutes.

Step 1 (start a Wix website)

Go to the link
Click on Start now. You will be taken to the log in screen
Fill up your email and password for Wix and click on log in. If you don’t have a Wix profile, click on sign up and get a new one. You can also connect with Facebook or Google.

Step 2 

On the next screen, click on let’s do it for setting up your website fully according to your needs. If you click on the skip, then it might be hard to go through the tabs to set up additional things later. I recommend getting the first option.
Then, select the purpose of your website. I am using the first option for a personal blog.

Step 3 

Choose myself, choose a blog and choose ‘I have never done this before’ if you are new. This will help you learn more from Wix’s support. You can also choose other options for the business site, online store or other categories of your need.
Then select start now. If you want to start from the editor, select ‘Choose a template’ option in the right.

Step 4

In this step, choose the type of your blog. I am choosing a blogger. You can choose any.
If you want to sell anything online, get bookings or get subscribers, select all three options. If not, just select next and continue.
Then give your Wix website a name. I am using demowebsite7 as I use that name for most of my tutorial blogs.
Give it a name and click on next.

Step 5

Give your site and address if you have an office or physical location for your site. If not, click skip.
If you have a logo for your Wix website, upload it from the ‘Add Logo’ tab. Enter your email address, phone or fax details. Or simply skip to the next step.
Then pick a theme you like and hit continue. I am choosing the luxury theme.
Then wait for a moment to let your site set up.

Step 6

Choose your homepage design and hit the publish button. I am selecting the second one for my demo website.
When your home page is set, click on publish.
Then, on the next screen, after you hit publish you will be prompted to choose your domain name. I am using the same name for my domain as well. You can choose different names. If you want to add your custom domain, select the second option [2]. Then click on publish and continue [3].
Congratulations, your new Wix website is ready. If you wish to connect your own domain, select the second option. If not, click on done.
When you click on done, your site will be saved in Wix’s server. Click on ‘Got it’.
In order to add blogs, posts and articles, select the ‘Manage blogs’ option.
You can now start publishing new blogs and articles as you wish from your dashboard.
If you want to Set up your SEO for search engine visibility, you can do so from options.
You can manage themes, colors, fonts, and animations from the design tab.
You can have more site options to connect your domain, set up SEO, view dashboard, history in the ‘Site’ tab.
If you want to upgrade to premium plans, get it done through the upgrade tab.
You might also want to read about why self-hosted websites are better for SEO and Monetization options. They perform far better than free websites. So, better to go for the custom domain rather than free.
Suggest me if I missed something. Comment for your valuable suggestions.
Thanks for reading!!!

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