Start a weebly blog

Start a weebly blog

Start a Weebly blog


You are planning to start a blog and among-st multiple blogging platforms, you decided to choose Weebly. Weebly is a freemium blogging platform where you can choose from a free plan to premium professional and business plan with additional costs. Here is a step by step guide to show you how to build a free Weebly blog. Start a Weebly blog for free.
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Step 1 Go to Weebly

Step 2 From the top menu, click on sign up.


Step 3

Fill up your sign up details and click on create your site.
You can also continue signing up with Facebook or Google.
start a weebly blog 2

Step 4 

After you finish signing up, log in and Weebly will prompt you to choose from these two options:
a. Do you need a website?
b. Do you need an online store?
Choose the first option to get a simple website.
Start a weebly blog 3

Step 5

After you click on the first option, Weebly will take you to your theme page to choose your style. Click on the blog tab and choose a blog theme for a clean blog layout. Choose any one you wish to if you are planning other categories of the website.

Step 6

When you finish choosing your theme, you need to give your website a name. Give a good blog name so that when you further plan to upgrade it in future, you can make it your brand. Here is a good article on how to choose a good blog name. Give it a name and hit search. If it is available, set it.
Start a weebly blog 4

Step 7 

After you hit search, it will prompt you to choose a Top-level Domain or subdomain. The second option is free. The first one is premium. Here, I am using the free one for a demo. The name of a free Weebly blog is
Choose the one on the subdomain section [free option] and you will be taken to the editor screen.

Step 8

Now you can edit your titles, add pages, add texts and all using drag and drop options easily. Above all, You can also upgrade it to your own .com domain from the upgrade option on the right. You can get more functions like adding videos, SSL certificate, more disk space, and full control when you upgrade your Weebly blog to premium.
Also, see other blogging platforms.

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