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So you planned to start a blog. Before we begin, let me make sure that you have read the article regarding blogging. You might be interested in writing to expand your creativity or to build a brand. If you are willing to blog over online networks, it can be a great source for you to get recognized.
In the digital age, people prefer writing online articles rather than in newspapers and magazines. Some of them do a blog for money, while some do it as their passion. Whatever the reason may be, the root way is ‘blog’ to express you out. Here are some tips that you can find useful for blogging.

1. Choose Hosting and Domain:

This is the first step to start a blog. If you are using free platforms, you can skip stepping #2. If you are planning to begin your blog from a self-hosted blog, start from this step. Hosting is the store where your entire site’s database is kept. It acts as a hard drive on your website.
Without hosting, your website won’t be live. The domain is the name of your website. For example, is a website, and BestNepali is the domain name. It acts as an icon of your files kept in your database.
Whenever visitors click to your domain, it points to your database which is maintained by the hosting server. So, the first step is to connect and interlink your domain to hosting. Here is an article about choosing a good domain name.
Take your time to read it and thank me later. Also read this to know more about Domain, cost, and sources. Hosting is a difficult subject to decide whenever we start a blog. We get confused about what type of hosting we need for our blog according to traffic target, bandwidth, and storage.
Read this article to know more about hosting. I can help you choose the best hosting plan for your blog.
I recommend reading more about hosting to save your cost and confidently decide your need for a plan. However, you can also register a domain and host from Google blogger. It is free to host from Blogger, but there are various pros and cons of blogger hosting.

2. Choose the correct platform:

There are various CMS to develop your blog. WordPress is the most popular one. Here is a step by step guide to starting a WordPress blog. There are multiple free and paid platforms for you to blog. Here is an article about varied platforms to choose between along with their pros and cons from BestNepali.Com
In my opinion, it is good to use free platforms in the beginning. When you gain popularity, you can shift towards your own self-hosted blog/ custom website to start a blog and migrate all your articles there. Don’t worry; you can redirect your readers to your new website. You won’t lose your visitors.
It is better not to invest a huge amount if you are not sure. If you are well known for traffic and SEO stuff, we can help you choose the best blogging platform.

3. Choose your blogging niche:

Successful bloggers choose a specific niche before they start a blog. Otherwise, you will be lost somewhere in the middle of your career in blogging. It is useful for you to earn from your blog if you define a particular category as a niche of your blog.
Advertisers favor niche blogs to advertise their products and services. In my opinion, don’t choose multiple categories under the same blog. (See our guide on how to choose blogging niche?) You can choose to write on any of these blogging niches that you wish or find easy.
You can choose; games, android, pc, software, gadgets, Smartphone, laptops, economy, health, travel, parenting, hotels, lifestyle, yoga, food, agriculture, how to’s, handicrafts, fashion, celebrities, news, furniture, movies, TV serials, tutorials, education, science, etc. Here are the details about the most profitable blog niches.

4. Design your blog:

If you are using Google blogger for your blog, here is an article on how to do it. You can find multiple free themes that are easily customizable, mobile-friendly and load fast.
If you are using WordPress, then here is an article that helps you. Use the catchy title, headings, Favicon, logo, and description for your blog. Create the necessary pages like about, Disclaimer, Privacy policy, Terms of use, contact, etc.  And start posting your articles.
Don’t use dark and complex design and themes for your blog. It loads your site slow and makes it look ugly. You can see some mistakes beginner bloggers make. Avoid those mistakes.
Make your site fast, simple and easy to read. Focus on the contents. Here is an article that can help you on how to create quality blog posts.

5. Make your site live/ Deploy:

You can start posting articles after you have made necessary pages and designs. Don’t keep changing the themes after you have deployed your site.
Focus on your articles, create engaging posts, use infographics, and interlink your articles, interact with your visitors through comments and emails, Set up the SEO, and go ahead.
Follow these steps on how to blog and please let me know if you have anything to ask through email and comments section.


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