Sponsored posts | Sponsored articles

Sponsored posts | Sponsored articles

Sponsored posts

What are sponsored posts?

Sponsored posts are those articles that are promoted in any platform, especially in blogs and websites.
These articles are usually promoted by bloggers as an extra source of earning.
However, they are not a passive source of earning. The utility of those posts vanish over time and you will no longer get traffic from those posts. But, at the time of posting it on your blog for the first time, the companies or brand builders pay you.
So, it is also a good option to monetize your blog.
You can promote anything genuine and legal on your blog for money. Promoting others’ content, articles, images, etc on your blog needs traffic.
The payment varies according to your blog’s traffic. Don’t expect higher pays if your blog has less amount of traffic. However, you can negotiate the rate of promoting their content once your blog starts to get more traffic consistently.

How to promote articles?


There are several brands and companies, local or international, who want to promote their goods and services. So, you can start by adding a page in your menu section stating, “Advertise” or “Promote your contents”.


Provide your contact address or email account so that they can send you sponsored posts and contents.
You can take the article, review it and if it is related to the niche of your blog, you can publish it. Go through some editing, insert some relevant images for freshness and post it. Sometimes, the companies provide you with full-fledged articles, created by professionals with their own images and links and you should not be editing it further.
After you have published it on your blog, add them to your sponsored posts section, homepage or other places within your blog where the users can see it clearly.
Remember, it is to be clicked. So the location of that article should be easily visible and highlighted. If the owners don’t profit from your blog, they want to shift to another.
Make that chance recurring, to earn consistently. This is the reason why you should highlight sponsored posts.
Sometimes, you might need to create articles yourself for the companies and brands and that is another way to procure. You can charge extra bucks from them for creating as well as promoting that article. Offer limited revision sessions for the article created by you. You need good writing and editing skills and compelling article skills to leverage from that post.
Show the draft to your sponsor and review it before you put it to publish. Share it with social media and other of your fan pages and sites.
Trust me, if the first sponsored post yields the sponsor, the remaining will yield you.
Sponsored posts are different from paid articles/ posts. They are something you offer to other blogs/ websites and they pay you for your articles.

Why sponsored articles are better than banner advertisements?




Sponsored articles go with the flow of the blog niche. They contain detailed and in-depth stories of any topic. People find it relevant to their preferences and sometimes they even don’t know that the content is promoted one. However, it is better to be transparent to your readers and they need to know that the article they are reading is a sponsored one.


This increases people’s trust in you. Banner ads are annoying for the readers and they prefer to skip those ads. How much time will they spend to see your ads? They will simply drag or swipe it before it lays any impact on them.
But the regular readers spend at least half a minute to read an article and if they find it relevant and interesting, they want to read the full-length article and get more details.
Sponsored content work better as they are created by professionals. Above all, a sponsored article is shareable, but the ads can’t be shared.
So, it is better for advertisers to use sponsored articles to promote their business or brand.
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Are you thinking of Promoting other’s contents? Comment ‘YES’ or ‘NO’.


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