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Setting up SEO for blogs/ Websites (Search Engine Optimization) is essential to make your blogs visible to search engines. There are millions of blogs under the same heading, but only a few ranks on top. How? They spend hours setting up their SEO in blogs and generate more traffic.
When search engines detect that your blog is getting more traffic, it will surely rank up. Here are some techniques of SEO for blogs and all are free to set.
Additionally, you need to follow some more steps to bring a greater volume of traffic and visitors to your blog. And, all of those methods are easy and free. 
Also, use these best SEO tools.

1. Use Google Search Console:

Configure your website with Google search console. This is the first thing every blogger should do to set up SEO for blogs. The best part of using Google search console is that it is free.
You need to add your website to your search console account. This helps your blog to be found on Google when anyone searches with specific keywords. In order to confirm whether your site is visible to the search engine or not, type on Google search box and hit the search button.
If results relate to your website, then it is confirmed that your website has search engine visibility. Here is a guide to configuring Google search console for websites.

2. Use UberSuggest:

This is also a free SEO tool that you can use to rank up your website and gain more traffic. Ubersuggest is an easy tool to help you set up SEO in blogs. You can find and compare keywords for your title to set up SEO in the blog. Type your keyword and hit the search button.
You will find multiple options for similar keywords and also suggest better key phrases that help you rank higher. It shows the estimated competition about keyphrases in paid search. It also shows estimated competition in organic search. Get higher searched keyphrases for your keyword and integrate them within your article.
A cool way to set up SEO in blogs, isn’t it? There are many other SEO services blogs out there and most of them speak about this free tool. Why not try it?
See the screenshot below to understand it better:

3. Use Google trends:

Another free tool again from Google. It shows the most searched keywords and phrases in Google in a particular country. Find the trendy keywords and integrate them on your blog article to improve your blog visibility.
In place 1, you can type in the phrase that you want to search for its popularity and in place 2, you can change the location where you want that term to rank for.
Google trend also shows what were the most searched terms in the past years. You can also compare the keywords and phrases and use the more searched ones for your blog.
Here, I searched for two terms ‘website’ and ‘blog’ and added them to the comparison. The term ‘website’ outnumbers ‘blog’ in my locale. So, it is profitable for me to create more articles regarding ‘websites’. It can be different for your location.
I use it to find the latest trends in Google to create new articles and get found on Google.
Here, you can see that Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters has 500k+ searches currently. She is a model and Miss universe 2017. But my blog is related to blogging. How can I make an article regarding this topic?
Here is the answer, I can integrate the name with the flow of my article so that it gives sensible meaning. No need to create thousands of words article regarding Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters.
These three free tools (#1, #2 and #3) are sufficient to rank your website to top 10 search list. Follow these three steps and within a month, your page views will increase by more than 50% that you are already getting. But, don’t stuff all the keywords into your blog that are irrelevant.
Don’t use them as tags. Mix related phrases with your own article. If your articles are already published but not getting views, then correct them now. Update and publish again.

4. Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress:

This is a freemium tool/ plugin for WordPress based sites. You can use the free version of this tool or upgrade it to a premium. However, the free version is also good for creating SEO friendly article in your WordPress blog. It suggests you various ways to make your article SEO friendly and also solve your sitemap problem. It submits a new sitemap to Google for your newly created post as soon as you publish it.
That helps Google to crawl to your new post and you don’t need to keep on updating your XML sitemap frequently.
It provides you space for focus key phrase and meta description. Synchronize your article with your key phrase and this tool will tell you whether your keyword density is enough to rank on search engines or not.
Below is a screenshot from the Yoast SEO plugin. You can check your blog readability and key phrase [3] to know how easy your article is to read for your visitors and how your article will perform regarding search engine visibility.
Also, edit your site title [1] and meta description [2] to make your post more engaging.
Any article, when found on search engines, might also be clicked if it has a compelling meta description [2]. That helps #2 link to rank #1 if it is clicked more because of its meta details. A clever trick, isn’t it?

5. A sitemap for SEO:

A sitemap is a list of posts and pages of a site. There are three essential sorts of web page sitemaps: maps utilized amid the arranging of a web by its planners. Human-unmistakable postings, regularly various leveled, of the pages on a site. Organized postings proposed for web crawlers, for example, web indexes.
A site map is another great way of search engine optimization. You need to submit your websites’/ blogs’ site map frequently to google webmaster, Search console to update your page visibility. As soon as you update a post or amend an existing one, let Google know it by submitting a new sitemap.
Use the above-mentioned techniques and after a month or two, you will see the difference in your website traffic.
You can also read my other posts regarding SEO for more search engine visibility and google traffic.
Comment below to suggest topics for SEO. Let me help to solve your website traffic problems.
Thanks for reading. Happy blogging !!!

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