Paid articles

Paid articles

paid articles


What are the paid articles?

Paid article/ Paid articles is/ are a source of earning where you will be paid for your unique article by different article seekers, magazines, blogs, and websites. It is one of the resources of earning by writing. In this, you won’t be promoting someone else’s content or sponsoring it on your blog or website. Rather, you will be creating articles that are qualitative and you can sell those to various other platforms for money.

Where to sell articles?

There are multiple places today where you can procure from your article. You can sell your article in freelancer websites where you can set your own price for a variety of words long. You can create a free account in various such sites like FreelancerUpworkFreelancer.inFiverrPayoneer, PeoplePerHour, etc and create your gig there what kind of articles you offer, delivery time along with the price of your article.
This can also be the best option of earning for those writers who are not into blogging professionally or who don’t want to start a blog, rather be a writer and sell what they love to write.
Sometimes, the bloggers who are frustrated with their blog, not understanding the SEO stuff, getting less traffic might also want to sell their articles to other platforms. They feel that it is profitable to be a writer for money, instead of being a blogger for money.

What to sell?

Everyone has a certain skill. You might have good programming skills, so you can create articles regarding coding, you might have good skills to create humorous articles, stories, poems, etc, you might have good WordPress knowledge to write about it, you might be a business criminal to create motivating article regarding business ideas, you might be a critic, you might be a travel lover to write about traveling tips, you might also be a good cook to write about recipes, a yoga instructor, a teacher, health professional, enthusiast and endless.
So, take a chance and test what your article values in the market. You could make a living or extra bucks to finance your needs.
Whatever you are writing, write in the language that you are most familiar with and fluent in. It is not necessary that your article in English will only earn you. There are multiple buyers in different locations for different purposes with different languages.

Are they trusted?

Here I have also given a list of some websites that buy your articles. They pay you $25 per article up to $1500 per article depending upon your professionalism, word length, creativity, and demand.
I have not tested all of these methods but according to reviews, they are all genuine and they will pay you within less than a month or week sometimes after your submitted article is published on their site.

The list of websites that accept paid articles:


Name/ Link



Payment Method

1 Wow Women on Writing Business, Freelancing, Training $50 – 100 PayPal
2 Strong Whispers Lifestyle, Social, Environment $50 – $150 Refer site
3 Developer Tutorials Web Design $30 – $100 PayPal
4 BestNepali Blog Backlink Refer site
5 Uxbooth Design $100 Refer site
6 SitePoint Design and development N/A Refer site
7 Bmichellepippin Business and Marketing $50 – $150 Refer site
8 Whatculture News, Entertainment $25 – $500 Refer site
9 Cracked Humor $100 – $200 Refer site
10 Audio Tuts+ Audio $50 Paypal/Moneybookers
11 PSD Tuts+ PhotoShop $50 to $150 Paypal/Moneybookers
12 ACHS Health $50 N/A
13 WorldStart Computer Tips $25 – $50 PayPal
14 Funds for Writers Writing $40 _ $50 PayPal
15 Writers Weekly Making money writing $40 – $60 N/A
16 Brazen Careerist Career $50 N/A
17 Make a Living Writing Make Money Writing $50 PayPal
18 Listverse Literally Everything $100 PayPal
19 Back to College Education $75 – $135 PayPal
20 eCommerce Insiders eCommerce $75 – $125 N/A
21 TheTechLabs Adobe $50-$75 PayPal
22 The Change Agent Adult Education $50 N/A
23 Dollar Stretcher Multiple Topics $0.10 per word Cheque
24 Metro Parent Parenting $35-50 Cheque
25 Theme Forest Web Design/ Web Development $100 Paypal/Moneybookers
26 A Fine Parent Parenting $100 PayPal
27 Hamro Library Education/ Academics/ Subjects BackLinks N/A
28 Spyre Studios Web Design $50 – $160 PayPal
29 Smashing Magazine Programming N/A N/A
30 Blog Meaning Blogging, Making money BackLinks N/A
31 Photoshop Tutorials PhotoShop $50 – $300 PayPal
32 TreeHouse Web Design, FreeLancing $100 – $200 N/A
33 Viator Travel Blog Travel $100 – $150 N/A
34 Crazy Leaf Design N/A PayPal
35 InstantShift Design/Programming N/A N/A
36 PVM Garage Design, Coding N/A PayPal
37 Noupe Design, Coding N/A N/A
38 Perceptive Travel Travel $100 PayPal
39 Freelance Mom Parenting $100 – $250 N/A
40 The Men’s Magazine Men $100 Refer site
41 IWA Wine Blog Wine $50 Refer site
42 Scary Mommy Parenting $100 Refer site
43 Baby Fit Pregnancy and Parenting  $25 – $90 Refer site
44 Tales To Go Travel/Adventure $50 Refer site
45 Slick WP WordPress  $100 PayPal
46 The Layout WordPress $150 Refer site
47 Guitar Chalk Guitar $160 Refer site
48  Lawyerist Law $100 Refer site
49 HostPresto! Hosting $90 – $180 Refer site
50 OuterAtmo Gaming $50 – $100 Refer site
51 The Wicked Noodle Food $50 Refer site
52 Transitions Abroad Living Overseas $50 – $150 Refer site
53 BlogHer Multiple topics $50 Refer site
54 Mirasee Business/Marketing $200 Refer site
55 Polygon Gaming $.25 per word Refer site
56 The Penny Hoarder Finance $800 Refer site
57 Great Escape Publishing Travel $50 – $200 Refer site

Sum up:

All these websites won’t pay you for the unpublished articles. They will review it thoroughly, manually or mechanically for its uniqueness, readability, and relevance. When your article is approved, then you get paid.
So, create a clean article that is unique and not plagiarized to get your articles approved and published.
Another merit for paid articles is that some of these websites also provide you with a link back to your website/ blog. This also helps to bring traffic to your blog if you are also a blogger.
So, are you thinking to write for money now? What is your preferred niche? Comment below.




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Happy Earning!

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