Increase blog traffic updating old posts

More blog traffic updating old posts | Why + How to revive old blog posts

Do you know that you can bring in more blog traffic updating old posts? If you are a blogger, then you need to consider many things to get your blog found in the search list. Among those different things, updating your blogs is one of them.
If you publish a blog today and leave it as it is for months and years, soon it will be forgotten by crawlers.
When you blog, you present your ideas on the basis of the current scenario. They should be updated before they become obsolete. Old articles are not preferred by the users and are also neglected by the search engines.
The blogs that are active and regularly updated are found to be ranked better by Google and even awarded. But it is different in the case of evergreen articles. Evergreen articles are relevant even after years of its publishing.
Evergreen articles are those articles which have significance even after years of publishing. For example, ‘Benefits of drinking warm water’ is an evergreen article.
However, they also need to be updated timely.
Here, I have created an article about why it is necessary to update your old blog, why updating your old article is better for Search Engine Optimization and how you can bring in more blog traffic updating old posts.

Maintain your legacy:

Firstly, your blog is a resource for your readers that solves the problem and adds value to them. When your article becomes obsolete, your article no more provides any utility to your readers.
For instance, if you have written an article on the title ‘Ways to install stock android in your smartphone in 20XX’ today, then after a year, the title will itself be obsolete because a year has already passed. Likewise, the ways to install android might have gone through a different process and stages after a year. There might be the arrival of another software or tool for doing that.
So, understand the significance of updating your old blog. New articles will take over your blog and outcast your article in the search list. So, to maintain your legacy, you need to regularly update your blog.

Add new flavor, get more visits:

Secondly, old blogs are boring for your subscribers to read. In order to get the same subscribers who have already read your old post in your blog, you need to add new things and flavors to your article.
You can get more views from the same readers if you follow to update your post. You can email them or send a notification with a new title, ‘Easiest way to install stock android in your smartphone – Updated for 20XX’


Being active:


Additionally, when you update your old articles, you will be showing that you care about your readers and visitors will have trust upon you that you will leave no stone unturned to provide quality to your blog readers.
You might also get a chance to be awarded by different sources and platforms that your blog is active and you might also feature many leading website’s front pages. This helps to increase your search rankings.

SEO and Traffic:

Similarly, when you update your old article, it will be revived in the Google search list. As soon as you update your post, your sitemap for the blog will be updated in the Google webmaster/ Search console.
So, you are proving new life to your old post and it will start getting crawled and more visits. This is also the reason why you need to update even the evergreen articles.
Improve the readability of your old blog while you update them and make them lengthy and comprehensive. Add more keywords and new images.
Also, proofread them while updating and check the links if they have expired. Sometimes the links that you have cited within your old blog expire and when users go through them, they will see errors. Such dead links affect your blog’s credibility. Your readers will be annoyed.

Being relevant:

You might have come up with new ideas.  Also, you might want to say more about your old blog. The internet world might have changed. Above all, you might have learned something new to share and you might also have got new followers to respond.
Sometimes you might even want to change what you previously offered in your blog.
Your old content now is irrelevant to your new scenario. So, to cope with all these, you need to update your old blog posts.

How to update old posts and bring more blog traffic updating old posts?

So, you finally planned to update your old blog posts. Great! That is essential for a blogger. These ways to update your old blog articles not only give freshness to your articles but also help to rank you higher.
Follow these steps one by one, and see the changes in your traffic.

Step 1: Begin with those posts that have more traffic

Go to your Google search analytics and find which one of your old blog posts have been seen most often by the people in the past. Take those first, copy them to the clipboard and read it once.
Sometimes, you might also laugh at your old article for being stupid. See all the mistakes. Check for grammar errors and spelling mistakes. Check the length of that post. Check, whether the post is relevant today or not? Check the dead and broken links. Then start editing it.

Step 2: Go for those posts that have less traffic

Secondly, collect those articles of yours that have less traffic. Check the social shares of those posts. Check the errors. Check your keywords and key phrases. Then, you will understand why they were not getting more visits.

Ways to update your old blog posts

Start editing and correcting them

Correct grammar and spelling errors. You can use these Plugins for checking your grammar. Interlink more relevant posts and pages from your own blog as well as insert some outbound links that are new to the world.
Add a Meta description to all of your old posts. Cite new examples that are relevant today. If you have separated them with headings and subheadings, update them. If you haven’t, add subheadings.
Break your article into multiple paragraphs. Ask questions to your readers to interact with them through comments. Request them to subscribe and share.
Dear readers,
I have created this post piece by piece with a lot of effort. If you liked what you just read, please subscribe for updates. I will be glad if you can help me by sharing this article on your favorite social profile.
You can use the above example for requesting them.

Add more words

Add more words that you can come up with. More words, you know? 110 more words, then 1,110 more words.  Split your article into multiple small paragraphs.
You need to keep your users scrolling through your article. Don’t give up the juice of your post in a single line.

Add more images

After every subheading, if it is possible, add an image that will be interesting to see. Even an article that needs only words can have images that show words.
Images tell more than words. But, the texts on those images are not read by the search engines well. So, it is better to relate your words and phrases with the images.
This makes your dull content fresh.

Fix broken links:

First, find out your broken links. To do this, the plugin Broken links checker is helpful to me. You can use it too.
Broken links need to be checked because you will get error messages from your Google Search Console and those links won’t get crawled by the Google bots.
You will lose more traffic as broken links eat your SEO.


Change the date of publishing and hit update. Don’t use the old dates when you republish your old content after updating it.
Checking the date, your readers might think that it is the same content that they have already seen.
New date and time compel your visitors to read it again.


After you publish/ update your article, share it with your social platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. This adds to the measure of the popularity of your blog for the search engines.
Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo pick the popular articles to show up on the lists.
You will also get new engagements for your blog when people get it through social platforms. Don’t forget to email your subscribers about the changes you made to your old articles.
Whenever you want to update your old blog articles, consider not more than 5 blog posts a day. You also need time and effort to create new articles. Don’t be obsessed to edit your old articles. If you are thinking you will update more articles a day, then it will affect your blog’s quality.
Also, make sure that you are not changing your old permalink in the update. Keep the link address the same as it was before.
If you linked out to new influencing bloggers, let them know through emails. This might induce them to share it on their social groups.
You should keep on recirculating those posts on your social platforms and groups. You can also convert those updated articles to an e-book for your new subscribers. Keep those articles on your home page or popular posts section.
If you update your old posts, how do you do it? If you don’t practice this, will you care to practice now?




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Thanks for reading! Happy blogging!!!

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