How to make money online?

How to make money online? Ways to make money online

Ways to make money online is one of the most searched phrases in the search engines. People search for passive money making ideas. However, someone needs to struggle to make money online in the beginning. After working for some weeks, you can have passive income-driven to your account every month.
Making passive money isn’t impossible. If you wish to take some load in the beginning, then you can master some ways later. Moreover, some of the ideas are too easy and you can start to make money online right from today.
It might be difficult in some developing states where the country is not digitized and slow internet connectivity. The most common payment gateway is PayPal. If you already have a PayPal account connected to a bank account, then it will be easy to receive your online money.
If you are not sure, connect with your friends’ or relatives’ who have already linked their bank account with such payment gateways. Here is a list of methods that you can use to make money online.

1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the most popular ways of earning money online. Every one of us is experienced in one or more niches. You can configure your blogging platform to earn more. You can use banner advertisements in your blog.
Also, you can show Adsense ads, prop ads, propeller ads and other ads from different ads platforms. In addition, you can write paid articles on your blog to make yourself money. People want to advertise their products and services, and if your blog is popular, you can have banner advertisements in your blog.
You can also get offers to write paid reviews. If you can write good articles, then here is the list of all blogging tutorials that I offer freely to help you start a blog. 


2. Affiliate marketing


This is another good way to earn money online anywhere. The Internet doesn’t have boundaries and you can use this merit to cash your marketing business. You don’t need to buy or produce any products. You don’t need to go and sell yourself.
Just research the trendy products and services in a different locale and write an appealing post on your website or blog. Compel your visitors to buy it from your referral link and earn the referral commission from the sales. If you already have huge traffic to your website, then you can start right from now.
You can also begin this if you have a good fan following Facebook page, group or social media accounts. If you are not already into blogging or you don’t own a website, it is better to start a new website for affiliate marketing. Consider that, most of the bloggers’ income comes from affiliate marketing rather than other sources. I can help you start a WordPress blog for affiliate marketing.


3. Earning from website

Websites can be used for affiliate marketing, blogging, selling digital and physical products and many more. Here is a complete list of ways of earning money from a website to help you own your own website business. A lot of news sites, e-commerce sites, classified ads sites are being set up every day on the web.
They are generating huge income by selling goods, services, membership, subscription, advertisements and many more. You can make online directories, educational websites to sell school and college ads, job websites, websites to create brand and professional profiles to get hired and so on. See my step by step guide to start a WordPress website. Having your own website opens a door to multiple ways to earn money online.


4. Being a freelancer

Freelancing is being rampant now a day. If you are an expert in a certain specific field, then you can sell that expertise in the freelance market. You might be a good typist, content creator, blog writer, animator, Photoshop editor, video creator mixer, photographer, logo maker, web developer, SEO expert, backlink seller, short movie maker, banner ad maker, translator, transcriber, tutor, motivator, coach, thesis writer, surveyor, researcher, ethical hacker, and more.
You can sell all these talents online. People from all over the world are ready to hire you if you have got a good task record. Beginners are also earning. Every freelancer took their first contract as a starter, so wait and have patience. You will get the orders too. But, you need to be consistent.
For instance; if you can create a good logo for any brand or business for $10 and you can make 5 logos per day, you can easily earn $50 per day. You will have earned more than $100 in a month of time. Experienced designers are charging more than $50 per logo.
This is just a hypothetical example that you can convert into real-life income. Here are some famous freelance websites to start freelancing and earn money online.
  1. Freelancer
  2. Upwork
  3. in
  4. Fiverr
  5. Payoneer



5. Youtube

Youtube is yet another good platform for earning money online. You might have viewed a lot of Youtube channels and their videos and also have subscribed to some of them. A person won’t earn playing dice but will earn if he/she organizes it.
Likewise, you will earn making your own Youtube channel and making people view your videos. You can start any kind of legal category of Youtube channels like; comedy, tutorial, prank, technology, food, health, Gadgets, news, etc. Youtube can also earn passive online money through advertisements, content promotions, paid reviews, affiliate marketing, etc.

6. Take part in online surveys

Here are some links from which you can earn money online taking part in online surveys. However, they are tiresome and a lot of them are not reliable. You need to work parallel in multiple platforms at one to earn more. One website won’t earn you a lot of money.
Consider these links as most popular, verified and legitimate for earning through surveys.


7. Others

Some other methods to earn money online are by selling your old goods online. There are places for selling old, antique and other items on the web.
You can use eBay and Amazon to sell your goods online. Also, you can advertise another product on your social media. You can also sell digital products online. If you are interested more in creating courses, you can sell your own course, lessons and e-books on the internet can write and publish a Kindle book.

You can sell your notes and second-hand books online, sell photos and images in websites like Adobe Stock or Getty Images, sell your tutorials online, sell gigs on Fiverr.

Suggest me if you have other methods to earn money online.
Correct me if there are some errors through the comment. Please help blog meaning by sharing this article.
Thanks for reading!!! Happy earning.

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