How to get more Blog Traffic

How to get more blog traffic?

When you first start blogging you need to struggle for traffic and page views. Pageviews and traffic are the essences of website ranking. You might be frustrated by getting one or two views per day. You won’t rank up and earn from your website with this little amount of views. 
Consider this, “More traffic will lead to more earning. But you need to convert your audiences to customers.” Earning from a website is similar to earning from a shop, where visitors and consumers are your customers.
You need organic traffic to rank higher and earn. No one advertises on websites with less traffic. So, how do you get traffic? There are multiple ways of doing that. Firstly, configure your SEO. You can use paid traffic or generate your own through the steps below. The visitors from paid traffic sources are not your recurring visitors.
There are various paid sources from where you can get website traffics and within 24 hours …Boom………….your views are at peak. But the downside is, you need to spend thousands of dollars every day to keep up getting the same level of post and page views. Follow these easy and free methods to get traffic to your website:

1. Choose your domain name smartly:

Whenever you need to choose domain names, you come up with multiple options but you will find it hard to decide which name to choose between. Choose the name of your blog that is related to your niche. If your domain name relates to technology, but your articles relate to health topics, then you won’t get more search visibility. Here I publish articles about blogging that relate to my domain name Here is an article to help you choose a proper domain name for your blog.

2. Use social share:

This is the best method to get organic traffic. Whenever you complete publishing your post, share the link to your social media walls and profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Reddit, WhatsApp and many more. The interested ones will click the link. You can join different Facebook groups and pages to share your article. Just be consistent. Do this every day.
Content creators continuously follow this method to rank up their site and earn traffic. You can also get help from local celebrities to promote your link if have a good relation with them. You can also use free WordPress plugins like Sassy Social Share, Simple share button, etc to generate share tabs on your article page. Request your readers to share your article.

3. Use link exchange programs:

There are other bloggers and creators on the web who wish to get traffic. Contact them for a link exchange program among you. If you can convince them, then you will soon rank up your website. Your site works for them and theirs for you. This can be a win-win situation for both parties.
I don’t think they want to reject this profitable offer. You lose nothing but gain traffic. This is another good method in my opinion, as you will also be maintaining the business ecosystem while doing this.

4. Interlink your articles:

Add the links of your articles in different related articles. For example, if you are writing about ‘how to be healthy?’ then show your visitors the link to ‘how to drink water properly’ or ‘how to do yoga correctly?’ as well in the same article. In this way, you are interlinking your related posts. The visitors, who arrive at your first link, will definitely click the link of the other two posts.
You can get multiple page visits from a single visitor at a time. You can see that most of my posts are interlinked which engages a visitor to my website. Interlink smartly, interlink relevant posts. You can also use, ‘related posts plugin’ for WordPress websites.
Then see, how you won’t increase your page views. Create engaging posts and interlink them in a single post. Don’t let your visitors leave your site after reading just one post.

5. Use Subscriber plugins for WordPress:

You can get multiple plugins for user subscriptions in the WordPress plugins tab/ page. Some are free while some are paid. You can use the free version of the plugins and when you are satisfied, and then you can go for the paid ones. Some popular ones are Subscriber, MailChimp subscribers, etc.
You can use whichever is easy for you. As new visitors enter your site, they will get popups to subscribe. When they subscribe to your website, you can use the subscription list to send notifications of new posts through email.
You can also use push notification services like One Signal, Push engage and other plugins for WordPress to send push notifications to their mobiles and laptops.
This will help you get more web traffics. Around 30% of the traffic on my website comes through this method.

6. Use engaging thumbnails:

While you share your posts on social media platforms, more chances of your link to be clicked increases when your thumbnail is engaging. This does not mean that you exaggerate something in your thumbnail and show something unrelated to your link.
For the first time, visitors will get carried away but they won’t return back to your website. You will lose further traffic. Just stick to your post content while making thumbnails.

7. Responsiveness of your website:

Use a simple theme and layout. You don’t need to buy bulky, expensive themes to enhance your website looks. Just get a free responsive WordPress theme like Astra, Islemag, etc that loads fast and easy and is responsive with most browsers, tablets, phones, and PC. The visitors don’t arrive at your link to see the style, they want the content.

8. Interact with your users:

You can use the Facebook comment plugin for WordPress or other comment utilities to let your users submit their opinions. Read them and reply back. This will show that you are caring for their thoughts and opinions.
Don’t show your anger to hate comments. Reply smartly. This will get you returning website visitors.

9. Create contests and giveaways:

You can arrange for weekly or daily contests on your website and award the winners. This is also a good way to drive in more traffic to your website. Spend a portion of your investment for awarding. You can also get sponsorships to award them.
Contact local traders/ vendors and tell them about your website and monthly traffic. They might want to advertise their products. You can write reviews of their products and services and in return, ask them one or two products for the giveaway to your users. Use lucky draw and other unbiased techniques for the giveaway.
Show them the methods. Be transparent. In return, you can ask your users to share your posts/ pages to their favorite social media walls. This will help to get more traffic, users will get engaged and sponsors will get their products promoted. You are creating an ecosystem of business while doing this.

10. Use tags and titles in a clever way:

Some bloggers talk about tags for website SEO while some say that it won’t matter much. In my opinion, tags help you get website traffic. Use specific words or phrases as tags for your posts to get your blog visible to search engines easily. But, don’t stuff all keywords as tags.
Keywords are the words and phrases that are most repeated in your article. Why do you need to stuff those phrases as tags again if they are already repeated in your article? Use other related terms as tags. Use engaging headings and titles. Create your article keeping your heading as the focal point.
Don’t divert your blog from your heading. Create Meta tags and permalinks in such a way that they will summarize your blog in short. This will help you rank faster in Google.

11. Create Backlinks:

Whenever you complete creating your post, then you can have a link generated automatically for your post. Create your custom link that explains your article. It is better not to use the auto-generated lengthy link that is unrelated to your blog.
In order to create backlinks, mail other popular bloggers and request them to cite your link in their blog. You can also copy your link and paste in the comment section of other website blogs. But, don’t paste them in the text tab of comment which will be marked as spam and won’t get you clicks.
They might delete your comment. If anyone clicks that link, they will be redirected to your blog. This is the commonly used SEO technique to get traffics. Follow the screenshot below on how to comment on your link.

12. Guest blog and allow guest post:

Guest posting has become very popular nowadays. It reduces your workload as others write for your website. You can write guest posts on popular websites and add your link to that post.
The visitors, if they find your article good, they will follow your link surely. Another idea is to allow guest blogging on your website. People want a platform for their article to be published and you will get quality posts. After they post as a guest, they will share the link of the article socially.
This will drive traffic towards your website. Also, go for round-up posts. Here is another article from which helps you know more about the Importance of guest posts for traffic generation.

How to get paid traffic?

Paid traffic will cost you much but they will definitely get you more page views. You may get both organic or inorganic traffic using paid traffic methods.

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