How to choose bogging niche? Choose blogging niche ideas

How to choose a blogging niche?

Choosing a blogging niche


You want to select a blogging niche. So, you are thinking of starting a blog. That is great; you have arrived at the right place. Many bloggers find it difficult to choose a blogging niche. They try a lot of different topics, categories jointly or separately for their blog. They find it difficult to find the titles and contents later on.

Start with anything

You can start with anything and everything at first. That increases your writing and creativity. You will generate new ideas. But, these types of blogs are not successful in regards to earning subscribers and monetization. Find about what people search on the internet. Narrow them down. Here is an example of how you narrow the topics.
This will help to find what to write and choose the blogging niche.

Find a solution to choose a blogging niche

Most people want to find answers and solutions to their problems. People want to entertain themselves. They need something of value.
Write something that adds value to the people, which entertains the community that solves their problems. Problems could be anything. For instance;
‘How to care for a baby? Parenting blog
‘How to install Bluestack?’ Tech blog
‘How to cook noodles?’ Food blog
‘How to choose a blogging niche?’ Blogging blog
‘How to teach?’ Educational blog




And endless.


The title you read above is a problem, “How to choose blogging niche?” and the article here might be a solution. So, you ended here. So, the bottom line is solving problems and adding value to the visitors.
When people find your blog can solve their problems, they will follow you because they will think that you will solve their problems further. So, niche blogs are popular and successful than random blogs.
For instance, if you want to stay up to date with technological trends, you will follow tech blogs because you believe that they will continuously assist you further. If you are fond of dishes, you will follow food and cooking blogs thinking that they will add more spices to your food further.

Random blogs

If you create random blogs, people get confused about what problems you solve. So they arrive at your website, read your blog and leave. They won’t return back. They won’t subscribe or follow you.
Choosing a blogging niche helps you target your audience and also compels them to come back to your blogs. Here are some methods to find your niche;
Choose something that you are used to and love doing. If you are passionate about something, then you are habituated to that passion. No one is better experienced than you in that topic. You will love to write about your passion and won’t quit in the middle of anything.


Think about your hobbies. Think about what you are good at. You might like traveling, spending free time with kids, reading books, reading technical blogs, drawing, playing music, etc.
Create an article on what you like and see how it performs. Motivation will drive you to create further articles if your initial article is successful. If not, go for another hobby.
Think about how you spend your leisure time. Consider your interests in schools, high schools, and colleges and use them as your blogging niche.


Hypothesize about how you would spend your retired life. I started to blog with educational and academic content and other random articles. This was how I learned about blogging and came up with this blog, “blogging about blogging.”
If you are still not sure, then go with your instincts. Instincts drive you to get the correct blogging niche sometimes. Write some posts then see if you can come up with the words. Don’t think about visitors, just hit that PUBLISH button.
Views and subscriptions are secondary and they depend upon SEO and generating traffic skills. First, find your skills to write. If you can come up with words, then you are nearly there.

Multiple passions

Sometimes, you might have multiple passions but no focus on any one of them. In that case, try alternatively, writing about all. The one which gets the better words and length is your choice.
Some of you might be blogging for money and may want to choose a profitable blogging niche
They might be new to that niche and still, they dominate the market just because of learning by doing. Today, there are thousands of blogs category and millions of people writing over the same niche.
Research and choose the one where fewer articles are published. You can write on the same topic differently and with more research more lines. Here is a list of some blog categories that might help you choose.
Still not sure? Choose a niche and learn by doing. This might be full of struggle in the beginning. You don’t come to this world within the born passion. They are created and acquired. Choosing a blogging niche and going through it will help you learn more.

Write to learn

You might come up with new ideas that other bloggers have not thought yet. Some bloggers write just to learn, although they have another interest. You can use Google trends, keyword finder and Google search to find more topics and profitable topics.
Most of the bloggers are in affiliate marketing and are writing about the market trends, products, and services. If you won’t result in sales, you result in knowledge of writing. You never know when the hits start bothering you.
If you are into a profitable niche, the target will be visits, traffic, and sales. When anyone finds your blog, you may earn if they purchase through you or your link.
If you are passionately into blogging, you can write about anything. But, if your end is money, then get your blogging niche ready. Let me help you choose the most profitable niches. 

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