Guest posts

Guest posting

Whenever you submit an article to another website and they publish it in your name, then it is a guest post. The article will be a guest article for their website.
Guest posting has become very popular nowadays as it helps to drive traffic to your blog if you guest post and it also provides your article a good platform. I do allow guest posting in my blog but you should be careful about these terms and conditions before you do it.

How do guest posts work for you? Why guest post?

It works as a platform for you to publicize your ideas and thoughts. Instead of using Blogspot and other tailed platforms, will help you to enrich the value of your article.
When you guest post in, I will create an author account for you and a backlink in the same post that points to your blog.
You will get more traffic if my audiences are interested in your article. I will list your name in my contributors’/ Authors’ list along with your website name and link if you wish to.

How do guest posts work for me?

It will help to enrich the content in my blog. It will add up the numbers of posts in If your article is lucky, I will get more visitors to my website. I will be expanding my friends’ circle. It will reduce the burden of creating another article for me.
Moreover, guest posts work better for the article creator to generate more traffic. If you could manage to create valuable articles and posts as a guest on multiple popular websites, then you drive in more traffic to your website within less time.
This will help you rank up your Google search visibility and Alexa ranking. Try it today and after a week or two, see the difference in your website traffic.
Also, don’t forget to share that guest post link to your social media profiles. BlogPlan’s goodwill and your article’s value will be a strong combination for you to generate more amount of blog traffic.
Please feel free to comment below if I missed something about guest posting. I will add up your suggestion in this article. Suggest new topics to write on related to my blog’s categories.
Correct me if I erred something.
Thanks for reading!!! Happy blogging

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