Earning Money from blogging

Earning Money from blogging



Passive money!!! Isn’t it? So, here you are to get the ideas. Before you go through the steps, I hope you have already read my blog regarding Blogging. If you are a good writer and have enough knowledge on SEO and Traffic then earning money from blogging isn’t tough from your hard work. 
The first step is to choose your blog niche.  Selecting a niche is important if your ultimate end is to earn. No one wants to advertise their services and products on those blogs which are not directed to a particular topic/ Category.
Let me come to the point. It is possible to earn more from your blog if you can write evergreen posts. Evergreen posts earn you forever.
They are those types of posts which are useful to the visitors even after 20 years from now. “Benefits of Avocado” can be an evergreen topic and post as its benefits won’t decline even after 20 years from now. If you create a post on the topic “Features of iPhone X”, then it won’t give any value to the users after 5 to 10 years.
Do we search about Nokia 3310 today? Definitely not. So, try to write more of evergreen types of posts to earn for you forever. Following are the techniques that you can use to earn from blogging:


Have you ever seen those blogs that showcase various dimensional ads in different areas? These advertisements earn a lot. They take up to $ 500 per ad space per month starting from $50 depending on ads position and sizes.
If your website has a niche, then there are a lot of advertisers waiting to publish their ads. For instance; your website niche is hosting, then you can have ads from hosting providers. While, if your niche is Smartphone, then mobile phone companies are ready to advertise their product on your website.
Every niche has its own potential. You just need to find the advertisers in the right place. Some of the platforms from where you can get direct advertisements are;
You can also use outsourcing for ads from platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, and others. Go through these sites and register your account and service for advertisements and fulfill your need of earning money from blogging.
You can also place a page on top of your website menu stating “Place your ads”, “Advertise with us”, etc.

Ad networks:

Advertisements are another way of earning money from blogging. Advertisements from ad networks are difficult to get approved but not impossible if you are clever and smart. These ads might be annoying for some users as they distract the visitors from your article.
However, most of the beginners use ad networks to place their ads and cover their costs.



Google Adsense is the most popular one. These ads are placed by Google as per the type of your article. They pay you per click or per impressions of visitors in your article. You can’t make much money from these types of ads. You will just cover the costs of your website.


Similar other ad networks are Propads, Propeller ads, Media.net ads, Chitika ads and many more. You can use any one or multiple, depending upon your need and convenience.
Remember** If someone can spend thousands of dollars and advertise their products and services on your website, they are obviously making millions of profit from those advertisements. So, if your website has huge traffic, your website has the potential of making huge money. So, it is better if you can sell your own services instead of placing their ads. But, if your traffic is less, then go for these ad networks.

Sponsored articles:

You can even earn from your blog by posting sponsored articles and reviews. Different blogs earn more through this method rather than ad networks. Ad networks are not good for your readers.
They get annoyed seeing too many ads on the web. If you blog about food, then you can write a sponsored article about spices, cutting tools, flavors, etc. If your niche is smartphones and gadgets, write sponsored articles about the latest phone launched.
You can get up to 100$ or more per post depending upon your blog traffic. You can write a paid article about a particular hotel and its services if you own a travel blog.
There are various niches and you can choose one of your interests. If you can write 15 paid articles a month, you can easily make up to $150K per month. But* that needs high traffic.

Writing reviews:

This is another method to earn from blogs. You don’t need to struggle with researching. You can use it yourself to use it and review it on your blog. Sell it to your customers through affiliate marketing.
Study the product and write an unbiased review about the same. Make people trust you. Don’t write for money, write for people.
They will be ready to buy it through you because you said to. When they buy through your affiliate link, you earn a commission. You can also write paid reviews and earn from the source, not commissions.
I write about the latest and upcoming android games and apps and this is how one fraction of my earning comes.

Making videos from your blogs:

You can also earn online by making video blogs which are popular nowadays as Vlogs. However, vlog has a comprehensive meaning and significance in today’s internet world. Check this article for more information.
You can take any part of your article and create a video from your blog. It can be easy for those who can present themselves in a compelling and creative way.

Sell your services:

You can sell digital products on your blog. Create an E-book about your topics on blogs. If people like your articles, they will readily purchase your E-books.
You can also sell your podcasts to your visitors. You can also sell books, magazines, and articles on your blog. If you have a large audience, then go for selling your own products.
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Affiliate marketing:

The best method of earning money from blogging and top of all methods. Most of the bloggers’ income comes through affiliate marketing. There are affiliate products for every niche. Any kind of blogging niche has its own marketing options. 60 to 70 percent of earning of bloggers depends upon their affiliate providers.
I refer hosting plans and other services to my users and I get my affiliate commission from them if any users purchase through my referral link. You can refer to anything related to your blog category. 




There are various other methods to earn from your blog and these are the common methods. If you have any suggestions regarding making money from blogging, then please let me know through comments.


Which method are you using or which method are you planning to use to make money from your blog?

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