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Buy Online Handwash Sanitizer in Nepal

In this scenario where the world is suffering from the outbreak of the Corona Virus Pandemic, it is necessary for all of us to be safe from foreign bodies. WHO has recommended that it is possible to prevent ourselves from this disease by staying safe inside. However, it might not be practical always and sometimes we get in contact with unusual things. As soon as we get in contact with foreign bodies, it is better to wash our hands well with a good sanitizer or handwash.
One fact from the health advisors is that alcohol weakens and kills viruses. However, it doesn’t mean that we use beverages to wash our hands. There are sanitizers available in the market and it is better to keep and stock at our home. Sanitizers contain more than 70% of alcohol that immediately wipes out all the germs that are present in our hands when we apply on our hands.

What is sanitizer used for? 
Usually, sanitizer is used to get rid of harmful and infectious germs from your body. 

Which is the best sanitizer?
Well, this is a question that depends upon use. There are no best or worst in this category because, most of the good sanitizers contain ethyl alcohol, aloe vera, and moisturizers to keep your hands safe. It does not mean that sanitizers with excess alcohol are best because the recommended percentage is 70% approx and more volume of alcohol also kills useful bacteria on your body.

Does hand sanitizer kill all germs?
No, hand sanitizer doesn’t kill all germs as there are germs like norovirus, parasites that might be resistant to the content of sanitizer. That is why 100% of germ-killing is not guaranteed by sanitizer companies.

Is it good to use a hand sanitizer?
It is better to use hand sanitizer but you must be aware that sanitizer contains alcohol that is inflammable. So, you must not get in close contact with fire or stoves before the sanitizer dries up in your hand. Moreover, it is used during the spreading and danger of serious epidemics, endemics, and pandemics. During normal situations, you can use handwashes and soaps.

Is Hand Sanitizer Better Than Soap?
It depends according to cases. For example, hand sanitizers are not an option yo use when your hands are visibly dirty. During that time, you should be using soap or handwash.
Where to order hand sanitizer online in Nepal?
Yes, You can order hand sanitizer online in Nepal. Here, I have provided a small review of the hand sanitizer, handwash that you can buy online in Nepal. You can bulk order this sanitizer for your safety.

buy sanitizer in nepal online
Buy Sanitizer in Nepal Online


Product name: Well being hand sanitizer 
Sanitizer price in Nepal:
Usually, the price of sanitizer in Nepal starts from Rs. 125 to Rs. 150 for a pack of 60 ml. However, you can buy this sanitizer online at just Rs. 110. That is just Rs. 99 for 60 ml. I think this is a great deal and value for money.
This kills 99% of germs and contains 70% alcohol content. Moreover, it is a WHO-recommended formula to get rid of germs. 
How to use ?:
Just open the lid of the bottle and pour a bit (a teaspoonful) of sanitizer on your hands and rub your hands firmly to each other. You can also pour the sanitizer into a handy bottle or other used containers of handwash for your ease. However, you need to be careful about one thing while using this sanitizer. Alcohol is inflammable and they quickly catch fire. So, it is recommended that you must let the liquid dry up completely in your hands before you go near fire or to cook.
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