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Blogging platforms | Which blogging platform to choose? | Comparisons


When you decide to start a blog, then there is the need of deciding some more things. What is the best blogging platform for me? Which blogging platform should I choose?
There are a number of platforms for blogging available today. Here are some commonly used blogging platforms to compare and choose according to your convenience and need. Carefully, study the pros and cons of these blogging platforms and start blogging. blogging platform is a free blogging platform. It saves your blog data and content for free on its servers. However, in the free version, you can use only the limited features of If you are a hobby blogger and don’t want to invest much, then it can be a good platform for you to start your blog.
You can also upgrade to a self-hosted WordPress blog if you plan in the future. It doesn’t need any setup cost and very easy to use. You don’t require enough knowledge of coding and designing.
Use the default inbuilt writer and designs. You can choose from thousands of designs on Find hundreds of themes for your blog. You can also monetize through WordPress ads.
However, the major drawback is that your blog looks less professional. The functionality is very limited. You need to upgrade with paid plans for full functionality. Your control over the advertising revenue will be less because you will not be the technical owner of your site.
Your site comes with tailed domain. That means, your domain looks like, ‘” and not “” blogging platform

It is a free CMS that you can use on self-hosted sites. You can install WordPress CMS in your control panel through Softaculous installer on your website and start customizing. Using this, you can have access to full functionality, install various plugins, and edit your code and a lot more.
You can do anything to make your website look more professional. In my opinion, it will be the best option for those bloggers who want to invest some and earn more from their blog in the future.
It is recommended for professionals, businesses and brand builders. I can help you to start your own WordPress blog step by step. One can have access to over 3000 free themes and 52,000+ free, freemium and premium plugins. You can get a free domain and cheapest hosting when you start with Bluehost hosting.
You can rank yourself in search engines easily using some SEO techniques and traffic generation ideas using this platform. People can set up directories, blogs, business sites, news websites, e-commerce websites, forums, and classified ads websites due to its functionality.
However, it requires some technical knowledge while you host on the third-party server. But you can learn all in no time and most hosting providers give you full technical support. I started with zero WordPress knowledge and now I can help you.
Wait, it can also be vulnerable to security threats as it is very popular. But there are ways to minimize your security threats. Plugins like Askimet, Wordfence, etc can be used to secure your blog.


Blogger/ Blogspot blogging platform

This is another great platform for hobby bloggers and part-time blogging because of its simplicity. But it is not good for professional bloggers to create their brand. Blogger is owned by Google and is free to use.
You get access to 15 GB disk space, Adsense for monetization, Analytics, and Google search console to optimize search engine visibility. (A guide to monetizing using Google Adsense.)




You can insert your own codes to customize or can download blogger themes to customize it. You can also host your top-level domain free of cost using Google blogger. (This particular website is hosted on blogger)




There are a few cons about this platform that must be considered. There are very few themes for blogger and less storability than


Your domain will come with tailed after your site name. Your domain looks similar to But, it is a pretty clean platform for beginners.
I myself started from Google blogger when I was a newbie and shifted to later. Some of my websites are on WordPress while some are hosted on blogger.

Tumblr blogging platform

Tumblr is another great blogging platform with unlimited storage and free to use. If you are wishing to create large-sized content, then Tumblr is the correct place for you.
There are 1000+themes to choose for your site and you can also use HTML and CSS for further customization. However, it is difficult to back up your blog and import your content from other platforms.
You have to struggle on Copy/Paste and no one wants that. The monetization is difficult and plugins are limited. blogging platform

Wix is another good option for blogging and creating business websites. You can use the free functions or upgrade to customize. You can build any kind of website easily with its drag and drop builder system.
Even an e-commerce website can be set up easily using this platform. However, you don’t have control over all functions unless you upgrade it to pay.
It provides unlimited bandwidth and storage space up to 20 GB. You can have advertisements to monetize your Wix website. If you could spend $50 annually, then you can explore better functions but it is quite expensive than a self-hosted WordPress blog.


Typepad blogging platform

Typepad is good for blogging. It is a great blogging platform for professionals and brand builders. With an expense of $9+ per month, you can have your website more professional with more features.
You own your blog technically at Typepad. They provide you with hosting on their servers with unlimited disk space.
In my opinion, would be the best blogging platform than Typepad in regards to features and expenses. WordPress is cheaper than Typepad.


Weebly blogging platform

Last but not least, Weebly is a good blogging platform for blogs and online stores. There are thousands of professional themes to choose from and you can start blogging for free.
The development is easy. you can use drag and drop to insert contents to your pages. There’s no coding needed and everything you design looks great on any device.
You get a subdomain as your blog name and 500 MB of storage. Weebly will show its own ads under a free plan.
You can show off your brand starting unique designs and fonts. One can also customize a Weebly website with custom CSS/ HTML and Javascript. You can also have parallax animation effects in your Weebly blog.
You can use a free plan or upgrade it for $60 annually to get minimum features.

What do I recommend?

You can choose any one platform depending on your need for features, functions, costs and other requirements. Free versions are better for beginners and paid versions for professionals and businesses.
If my recommendations matter, then I advise you to use a self-hosted blog. Get your Hosting and Domain and start a WordPress blog.
Please do comment on your choices?
Which platform are you going to choose?
Suggest if I missed any other popular blogging platforms through email and comments.
Happy blogging!!!

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