Blogging in Nepal

Blogging in Nepal

Blogging in Nepal


In the old days, there were many restricted choices accessible for earning, however at this point as innovation and digital industry continue refreshing itself all the time and individuals are learning numerous new things, they are fit for finding different courses through which they can get independently employed.
Furthermore, a standout amongst the most executed techniques through which an individual can earn without working right in front of somebody is “blogging“.
In case you are now in this field, then I am certain that you needn’t bother with an introduction to the blog. In any case, if you are a newbie and need to understand what blogging is and how you can profit through your blog later on, then you should go along with me in this article.
Explaining people about web blogging in detail is difficult since they aren’t updated with the most recent technology and digital online marketing tools. However, if you are curious and passionate to learn about blogging, then you will understand it quickly.
A blog is an online platform where you can publish your thoughts on the internet through articles, images, and other content. On the blog, you can write about anything and everything.**
People like to write about their life on their blog or about the specific job they are associated with. In fact, you can publish anything that you have knowledge of.

The fate of Blogging in Nepal:

Developing at a fast speed I can gladly say that the “eventual fate of blogging in Nepal”, is very proficient and going to help a great deal in the businesses.
In case you want to create, love to investigate your musings, like to research, then you can start a blog and begin writing on it. In that case, it won’t make any difference how much traffic is driven to your blog since you are not blogging to gain anything.
In any case, truly, if your sole reason for writing is to profit through your blog, then you should have some unique idea through which you can lure people towards your blog.
If you are thinking about the existence of the future of blogging in Nepal, then I say ‘Yes’, there is the future. The internet connectivity in Nepal has risen from 9% (in 2011 A.D) to 67% today. That means more than 17 million Nepalese use the internet today.
Today, people read blogs, see videos on Youtube and use social media widely in Nepal. All possible due to internet connectivity expansion. This is why e-commerce websites are profiting nowadays in Nepal. People want everything online. They purchase, pay and sell online. Instead of newspapers, they are preferring online news. That is why news websites are mushrooming in Nepal.
In this scenario, isn’t there the future of blogging in Nepal? Deny it? comment below.

Advantages of blogging:

  • There is no need for any type of job because blogging is much better than a regular job under a boss. Blogging helps you start your own online business. Already started business will have more customers if you blog about your business services and products. You will increase your writing skills. 
  • You can earn money through blogging. You will be rated as an Author/CEO/ Owner of your blog which is a dignified designation. You can engage users through comments and increase interaction with them.
  • As your blog progresses, in the online world, you get a lot of opportunities to learn a lot from a lot of people. People will recognize you as an expert in a particular field/ Niche.
  • You can create your own online network. It can also increase your knowledge and experience regarding SEO which is in extreme demand today. With the help of your email subscription option, you can also get a lot of email subscribers that you can use to profit.
  • You can sell a variety of things like blogs – ebooks, services, and physical products. You can put your thoughts in front of the world through the blog.


The sad truth:

Despite all these advantages of blogging and the potentiality of succeeding in blogging in Nepal, we are still lagging behind. International bloggers are dominating the blogging industry. In my opinion, this is because of the following reasons:
1. Poor quality of blogs.
2. Considering the blog as the primary source of making money.
3. No SEO knowledge and techniques.
4. No traffic generation ideas.
5. No knowledge of better domain and hosting.
6. Lack of deep research.
7. Fear of competition.
8. Inconsistency in posting.
9. Copyright issues in images and other content.
10. Lack of site/ blog development knowledge.
11. Costly and unreliable web-development charges in Nepal.
12. Poor internet connectivity in Nepal.
13. ‘English’ not being the primary language.
14. Blogs give websites 97% more indexed links.
15. Dependent on international technical bloggers and endless.
If you really see the level of language and grammar used by some bloggers, then you would laugh at them (I am sorry). But, this is the fact. I don’t mean to say that I am good at all these. I too am learning. I am just breaking down the problems of blogging in Nepal to find solutions. 
The articles are not linked properly. The designs are not simple. There are multiple blogging mistakes. SEO and traffic generation is a secondary concern for us. 
We keep on stuffing whatever we like, keep on writing anything random, keep on writing on multiple categories (no niche selection), keep on hitting the publish button and at the end of the day, we count how many articles did we publish.
Then, we wait for days, refreshing the stats but no visits. We don’t update old articles. The length of newly created articles is too short that is difficult to rank even if they are zero competition keywords.
We don’t know what domain and hosting are all about and what kind of hosting we need for our blogs. Only a few boggers research about the better hosting providers in Nepal. 
Another major thing that I have already stated, “Dependent on international technical bloggers.” International bloggers write in the international scenario. They talk about different hosting plans and other blogging services, which are irrelevant in the case of Nepal. 
The culture is different, practice is different, the currency is different, interlinking credit card >> banks >> PayPal is not so easy, payment gateways are localized and knowing all these, why to rely on whatever they write and publish.
The only things that match everywhere are about starting a WordPress blog and Google Adsense topics. You are lured by their ‘Affiliate marketing’ topics to make thousands of dollars per month and hit that subscribe button to get more tips from them.
How many of Nepalese bloggers have really earned a 100$ following their tricks and tips of affiliate managing? Very few of them, who do it the right way + have general knowledge.
Whenever you try to sign up in some affiliate networks, then you won’t find the option ‘Nepal’ in their country list. Even youtube has no monetization option available for Nepal. However, on Youtube, there are alternatives to monetize youtube channel in Nepal as well. But there is no straight forward way. You need to follow a trick.
But apart from these problems, yet some people became the top authors in Nepal, and they are already taking blogging, to the next level.
Some of the top blogs in Nepal are;
If you want to begin blogging, then you can start as a part-time time blogger. Doing a part-time job isn’t worthy because it’ll not make you financially stable.

In this context, what should Nepalese bloggers do?

• Keep Patience: 

Being a learner and new to this world, at some point, you may get chafed or disappointed in light of the fact that you won’t get any natural traffic in a solitary or two days.
Blogging is a tedious thing, and on the off chance that you are not kidding about it, then you need to put every one of your endeavors and propel yourself without contemplating a penny. 
When your blog begins getting traffic and valuable connections, cash will come naturally. 

• Know Your Niche: 

As I stated, in the event that you need to express your thoughts, then at that point it isn’t important to remember these focuses. However, if your objective is to make money, you have to concentrate on your “Specialty”. 
Assume, your blog is about Nepali culture, and you are expounding on mobiles in Nepal, then it is good for nothing. There are a huge number of blogs under the same topic, so you have to concentrate on what specialty/ topic/ category you are choosing.

• Write Unique Content: 

Create new content that comes from your internal experience and talent. It is not mandatory that you write only in English. Write in the language that you are most comfortable in.
This will support you to create new unique extraordinary content. However, don’t make your blog too short or too complex to understand. Here are some tips to write quality blog posts.

• Share Your Content: 

When you are finished with composing the article, share it on the entirety of your social media pages and profiles and begin contributing some cash to run the advertisement on social platforms and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
With this strategy, you will start getting traffic and rank higher in the search engines. Whenever you rank higher and get more social shares, your organic traffic will boost. This is because ranked articles are more likely to be appearing in the search results.
Now when you get enough traffic through searches, then that is the correct time to get your pocket loaded. There are multiple ways to earn money through blogging. But before that, focus only on advertising your content to bring in traffic.
Avoid these blogging mistakes, optimize your search visibility and follow these methods to increase your traffic.


I hope you can understand the blog’s meaning and its prospects in Nepal. If you want to start a blog in Nepal, then here is an article specially for Nepal and how to earn through Affiliate marketing in Nepal.


I have created this article piece by piece. Thanks for reading through this long. It would be very kind of you if you can share this on your favorite social media platform. It helps a Nepalese blogger like me to grow globally and inspires me to create further helpful articles.
Comment below for your valuable suggestions.
Happy blogging.

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