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Are you tired of shifting from one niche to another? I was too. Sometimes I even had to delete my entire posts and pages because I was in the wrong blog niche.

Time and experience taught me more and I was able to go through multiple niches later. Money became my motivation for other blogs when my first blog became successful. Believe me, there is a niche for everyone. Here is an article from Best Nepali about ‘How to choose a blogging niche?‘ to start a successful blog.

If you still cannot figure out what niche is right for you, then these lists might helpful for you to choose from.

a. Blog niche: Health and fitness

You can write about exercise, yoga, workouts, gym, bodybuilding, eating habits, diet supplements, fasting, recipes, healthy eating and many more. In addition, one can blog about healthy shopping, organic vegetables, and fruits, body stretching, stamina, races, home workouts, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Allopathy, homemade medicines, Ayurvedic products, dietary supplements, etc, under this niche.

How can you earn from the health and fitness niche?

Remember, the most common method of earning from blogs is affiliate marketing. There are products and services to market for every blog niche. Under health and fitness, you can be an affiliate manager for medical supplies, dietary supplements, Gym, and exercise tools and equipment, sell your own recipes, health e-books, etc.

You can be a coach for yoga and exercises to do it correctly. Similarly, create a series of online videos or step by step methods and charge your readers for monthly or yearly subscriptions. You can also place Adsense ads.

b. Blog niche: Games and sports

Under this niche, you can write anything related to indoor and outdoor games and sports. But, don’t write about mobile and laptop games as they belong to technology. You can write about Football, Basketball, Cricket, Hockey, game rules, game safety tips, etc. Also write about dancing, aerobics, tennis, track and field sports, golf, sports utilities, jerseys, equipment, fields, stadiums and arenas, player’s biographies for motivation, etc.

How can you earn from Games and sports niche?

You can place Adsense ads, sell your own e-books, market affiliate products like jerseys, boots, football, golf stick, and other game utilities, dietary supplements for sportspersons, sell diet plans for sportspersons, be a coach, etc.

c. Blog niche: Mind and body

Here, you can write articles regarding meditation, yoga, anxiety, depression, motivation, disorders, workload, the balance between work and refreshment, morning freshness, causes and effects, relation with several other diseases, lifestyle, habits, culture and many more.

How can you profit from the Mind and body niche?

You can write e-books to reduce anxiety, depression, tension, etc and sell them. You can place Adsense ads. Be a personal coach for meditation and lifestyle etc.

d. Blog niche: Self-regard

Under this niche, you can post about feelings, emotions, love, care, affection and their values, friendship, attractions, affairs, kinship, optimism, the power of thoughts, belief power, negativity, and its impact, positivism, etc. If you are experienced about many things in life, you can even write about motivation, cheerfulness, making friends circle, success, achievements, esteem, ego, harmony, dignity, community, group work, relationships, anger, confidence, forgiveness, etc.

How can you profit from Self regard niche?

Moreover, this niche needs to be a passion rather than monetization. You can place Adsense ads, sell e-books, sell counseling services, be a motivator, run a motivation session for cash, place banner ads, etc.

e. Blog niche: Management

Under this niche, you can write about living, lifestyle, finances, budgeting, saving, classroom management, office management, handling employees, spaces, party planning, wedding planning, event management, simple living, saving tips, extra earning, balancing, etc.

How can you earn from the Management niche?

You can be a wedding planner, get event management contracts, party planning contracts, etc. If people like your articles, they will surely want to hire you for your ideas. You can sell Adsense ads, direct ads, be a personal adviser, etc for procuring.

f. Blog niche: Making money (online or offline)

Here you can write about making money from blogging, freelancing, research and surveys, tutoring, assisting, social media marketing, digital marketing, buying and selling, affiliate managing, proofreading, selling old goods, gifts and vouchers, free products, photography, video mixing and many other topics related to making money.

How can you earn from this niche?

You can sell affiliate services like hosting, plugins, sell websites, sell old goods, sell e-books, direct advertisements, Adsense ads, sell tutorials, etc.

g. Blog niche: Travel

You can write anything regarding travel like vehicles, specific places, natural beauty, environment, hotels, tickets, parks, etc. Additionally, write about museums, nature, and hospitality of peoples, travel utilities, luggage, packing, days to visit, trekking, culture, camping, major attractions, highlights, international laws, costumes, etc.

How can you earn from a Travel niche?

You can earn by placing Adsense ads, selling traveling tips, tickets, being a guide, selling affiliate travel utilities, bag packs, trekking shoes, swimsuits, etc, selling ebooks, selling guide maps, hotel affiliates, writing sponsored articles regarding parks, museums and hotels/ restaurants, etc.

h. Blog niche: Beauty

Under this blog niche, you can blog about supplements, vitamins, skincare, haircare, shaving, hairstyles, care for acne, personality, ornaments, foods for better skins and physique, how to’s and tips, makeups, dyes, colors, products and brands, looks, glamour, your own secrets of beauty, etc.

How can you earn from niche Beauty?

You can earn through Adsense ads, affiliate marketing beauty related products, promoting cosmetics and brands, selling beauty tips e-books, selling how to’s videos, selling gadgets for hairs and skincare, etc.

i. Blog niche: Teaching

Under this category, one can blog about classroom management, multimedia learning, smart learning, tools, and techniques, etc. You can also write about subjects, online lectures, and tutorials, teaching materials, exam preparations, drafting questions, ethics, activity management, student control, the psychology of children, discipline, counseling, motivation, the involvement of parents, communication, sources of knowledge, books, e-books, library, art and anything that you can teach. The list goes on.

How can you earn from teaching niche?

This is one of the profitable niches to earn. You can sell online lectures, arrange online classes and courses through monthly or yearly subscriptions, tutoring, solving questions for cash, etc. In addition, you can also earn by selling e-books, promoting publishers’ contents, promoting teaching equipment, selling multimedia tools through affiliate marketing, selling schools and college ads, and many more.

j. Blog niche: Parenting

This is another blog niche that is being popular nowadays. There are parents who cannot easily nurture, build up and handle their child. So, if you are a parent, then you can write a lot from your experience. Write about infants, babies, care, adolescence, being a father, being a mother, child discipline, child’s psychology, adoption, etc.  More importantly, it is profitable and values adding to write about nourishing, nurturing and counseling, emotions, attachment, your child’s first day of school, schooling, higher studies, upbringing twins, being friendly with children, etc.

How can you earn from the Parenting niche?

You can sell counseling services. Additionally, you can sell affiliate products for children like toys, gadgets, video games, dolls, teddy, cradles, nipples, clothes, etc.

k. Blog niche: Fashion

Another profitable niche because fashion is ever updating. You can write about seasonal clothes, country costumes, swimsuits, modeling, dressing up, formals and casual clothes. Similarly, one can blog about trending costumes, modern or Neo dress-up styles, being classic, and anything related to fashion.

How can you profit from the Fashion niche?

You can sell clothes, get direct advertisements from sellers, sell Jeans, T-Shirts, Suits, seasonal clothes, shorts on your blog. Also sell e-books for looking good, clothes for interviews, for winter and summer, for monsoon, umbrellas, sandals and shoes, heels, boots, watches, and all other wearables.

l. Blog niche: Movies

You can blog about movies, TV serials, short movies, music, videos, genres, new releases, trailers, teasers, old hits, Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood. One can even create articles on classic, nostalgic, star interviews, critical views, celebrities, direction, acting, comparisons, musical instruments, camera, technologies, visuals (2D, 3D, 2K, 4K, 8K), and the list will be endless.

How can you procure from this niche?

You can write paid reviews, rate movies for cash, promote TV Serials and movies in your blog, add subscription charges to your viewers, pay for download options, sell gadgets, sell trendy items that imitate celebrities, etc.

m. Blog niche: Stages of life

You can blog about the early childhood that you or your parents remember, adolescence, youth, adulthood, friends circle, struggle, your first job, success story, jobs, marriage. Also, you can write about problems in your stages of life and how you tackled them, stresses and their solution, your hypothesis after retirement, how you plan your retired life, your savings, income, habits, health, budgeting, investments, etc.

How can you profit from this niche?

You can rarely profit from this niche. You can place Adsense ads, sell your counseling, sell solution e-books, how to save money, how to invest e-books, etc.

n. Blog Niche: Food and drinks

Another profitable niche again. People love dishes and drinks. This can also be added to travel. You can blog about cooking, recipes, steaming, boiling, frying, grilling, healthy eating, preserving, wines, cold drinks, soft and hard drinks, ancient dishes, cultural foods, country-wise foods, spices, diet plan, diets during specific disease, etc.

How can you profit from the Food niche?

You can place ads, sell recipes ideas, subscription packages for special dishes, affiliate products for food items, drinks and utilities like pans, oven, stoves, etc.

o. Blog niche: Arts and Crafts

Under this niche, you can write about drawing, painting, sewing, knitting, reusing, recycling, calligraphy, etc. Likewise, you can write about gardening, signatures, paper works, woodworks, cards, coloring, designing, decorations, metal works, giving a finishing touch, cardboards, etc.

How can you profit from this niche?

Well, there are multiple ways to profit from this niche. You can sell tutorials, video tutorials, ads, sell visiting cards, signatures, home decor ideas, your own products, etc. You can also have a page that says ‘hire me’ for decorations, etc.

p. Blog niche: Education

Write about courses, online and offline sources of learning, education systems in different countries, colleges, schools, and universities, etc. Additionally, you can write about smart schools, e-learning, fee structures, syllabus, subjects and time duration, professors, lecturers, teachers, students, scopes of various subjects, faculty comparisons, etc.

How can you earn from the Education niche?

You can get direct ads from different schools, colleges, universities, institutes, language institutes, place Adsense ads, sell your own courses, sell online lectures, a commission from education hubs, paid reviews about schools, colleges, etc.

q. Blog niche: Diary

This is just like news, but the news takes a lot of manpower and effort. Here, you can blog about everything that you encounter in your day to day life. You might find new friends, travel to new places, encounter an unexpected meeting or incident, met an old friend or anything. One can write about other peoples, their behaviors, and everything and anything.

You can earn by placing ads or through direct advertisements.

r. Blog niche: Technology

Here, you can write about gadgets, smartphones, software, hardware, and laptops. Additionally, you can also blog about peripherals, cases, plugs and pins, switches, Android versions, operating systems, comparisons, prices in different countries, upcoming gadgets, versions, themes, applications, TV, camera, smartwatches, and other related gadgets.

How can you earn from the technology niche?

You can earn more from this niche. Firstly, there are numerous gadgets today and numerous companies and manufacturers. Secondly, they are being updated daily. So, you can have multiple affiliate products to advertise and earn commissions from. The ads for technology-related sites cost more than other types of ads.

s. Blog niche: Photography

Here, you can write about photography techniques, tools, cameras, sensors, photos, tutorials, etc. Similarly, you can also write about specific places to take photographs, shoot videos, apparatus, Tripods, editing software, Adobe, Photoshop, cropping, printing, flex, sizes and endless.

How can you earn from the Photography niche?

You can sell photography services, video shooting and mixing services yourself. Demonstrate your ideas through your blogs and make visitors trust you and you will be hired for sure. You can also sell photos on different sites on the web. Some of them are Smugmugs, Payloadz, Shutterstock, etc.

t. Blog niche: Event

Under this niche, you can blog about the events that are celebrated in your locale. Blogs can be made before the event, during the event and after the event for the same event. For example, you can write blog articles regarding the new year, Christmas, Independence day, Festivals and many others and publish it on your site.

Moreover, there are numerous blogging niches that I can write the whole day. It all depends upon your passion and creativity. You can see my other article on how to choose a blogging niche if you want to go for your own passion and creativity. If you want to earn through your blog, then here is another article regarding the most profitable blogging niches.

Thanks for reading! Also, comment below to let me know what niche you are in.

I just want to make tiny research about what most people prefer to blog about.

Happy blogging!

Which one are you going to choose?

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