Blog name | How to choose a good blog name?

Choosing a good blog name?


Choosing a blog name is the first part of starting a blog. But we are always stuck upon multiple names and cannot decide which one to choose. All the names confuse us at the end because all of them seem to be scarce. Your blog name is your domain name.
If you are unknown about how a domain name looks like, then this is an example to make you know. is a domain and “BlogMeaning” is the name of a blog.
Choosing a good name for blogs is a smart way for SEO.  The related name for your blogs generates more traffic. Here, I write about blogging and ‘BlogMeaning’ is a smart name to represent my blog.
Whenever people search for the term “Blog”, they can find my domain easily.

Read the following guidelines carefully to choose a good blog name:

  • Think about the different names that represent the niche of your blog well. Using words like tech, gadgets, spot, Seo, blog, etc as suffixes or prefixes on your blog name define the trends of a good name. They are searched often on the web. 
  • If you are planning to start an education blog, you can use words like Edu, academic, read, know, and learn, etc as heads or tails of your blog name. You can also search for “domain name generator” in Google to get different sites that suggest you name.
  • Use short names that are meaningful. But, you will rarely find names having four or five letters. They are catchy and easy to remember for your visitors. Don’t use abbreviations that are difficult to remember and aren’t meaningful. Don’t use a difficult combination of letters like ‘’, ‘’ etc. They might represent abbreviations, not your blog.
  • Don’t use long phrases for your name like www.learnmoreabouttravelsandlivingthroughtravelandliving .com. They are hard to remember.

Choose good extensions

  • Go for .com or .net domains. Don’t use .in, .np, .biz, .abc, .tk, .gq, .website, site etc. Usually, the first thing people enter into their browser address after a domain is .com. It looks more professional and catchy. Here I took .net because .com was already taken. But my all other blogs are .com domains.
  • Also check that name availability in social platforms (Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter, Instagram). You might need to create pages, groups or profiles for your blog. If they are unavailable, then select different names.
  • Don’t use your personal names as they will represent yourself, not your brand. There are some successful bloggers who represent themselves in their blog name but most of them are personal blogs.
  • Don’t insert any special characters or numbers inside the name of your blog. It is difficult to remember and visitors will get confused for another blog. For example,,
  • Note down all the names that you get after following all these initial guides. Choose one which represents your goal more. Then sort them again if your selected name can be a brand in the future or not.
  • Remember, the names like Apple, Google, Twitter, Facebook, BMW, Youtube, etc within your blog name may bring legal offenses to you. They have patent rights over those words and phrases. Check thoroughly and try to make it unique. They are already big brands and you need to create your own.
I hope you can now come up with a good name for the blog for yourself. If this article was helpful to you, please share it.
If I missed something, please comment below.

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