Beginning blogging mistakes

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Every beginner blogger makes some mistakes which they are not aware of and can fix them. Before you go so far with those mistakes you make, I’d like to help you avoid some common beginning blogging mistakes from this article. With some techniques, you can easily correct your blogging mistakes.


1. Using complex themes:

To add flavors in their site, some bloggers use complex themes that they themselves don’t understand, technically. They keep on changing the themes every now and then and see how it looks. Don’t use a dark background and light text. That will divert your readers to your background and not to the content.
It will be hard to focus on what you want your readers to focus on. Make your site simple. Use plain light background and dark text. Make your article easily readable. The dark background creates stress on the brain and eyes.

2. More sidebar clutter:

Visitors want articles and content on your reading area. They don’t want your sidebar contents. They are secondary. Keep your sidebar small and give enough reading space. If you are proud of your partners, affiliates, awards, advertisements, banners, and badges, show them on your sidebar or direct a link to a particular page to show them.
The larger reading area drives your readers to that location where you want to point. The more important area for your blog readers is the article. Follow this and your texts, images, videos, headlines, and other content will get more readers’ attention.

3. Plagiarism:

Some bloggers accidentally plagiarize while few do it on purpose. Starters may not realize what they are doing. They take any photos, images from Google and use it on their blog. If you want to take from Google, then take only those photos that are allowed to modify and republish.
Most of these images are copyright protected. If you want to use images for your blogs, then use free images that are licensed under creative commons. These images can be used forever without any risks and claims.
Some sites that provide you stock images are PixabayPexelsUnsplashShutterstockFreepik123rfDreamstimeistockphoto, pngtree, Vecteezykisspngall-free-downloadVectorstock, etc.
Some bloggers use images and contents from another website and cite their link or attribute their information in the source. However, it is better to take permission from their blogs before you do it. If permissions are allowed, your job is done.

4. Autoloading contents:

Your website will load faster if you stop using these features of autoloading flash contents, videos, and music. It will cost your bandwidth and slow down your website. Fast links are preferred by the users and a second of delay will increase your competition as your users will shift to another link.
You might have done this to increase your video views, Youtube views or to strictly show them something that you like to show. Instead of videos, you can use animated gifs to add attraction to your blogs. The same thing applies to autoloading music too. Enable playing option but don’t use autoplay.

5. Not considering privacy issues:

Some of the parenting and teaching blogs use examples while they write something about their children or students. They use actual names in their blogs and also give location sometimes.
This is done for transparent blogging and popularity. For some people, it is a technique to find more about your personal life. These things can create an issue later as you are revealing the real-life characters’ privacy.
Use dummy names instead of real names. Also, don’t use pet names in your blogs. They can be harmful too. You won’t know when those examples grow older and create a bargain if you understand what I mean.

6. Letting blogging to become your obsession:

In the beginning, bloggers become excited. They invest maximum time and energy in experimenting with things of blogging. They get carried away as they start getting views and comments. During the course, they forget to give priority to their more important parts of life.
You might want to hang out with your friends and family, might want to spend your time with kids and old parents, might want to assist your child in his/her homework, might also want to console and reassure your better half during problems.
“2 million fans on the Facebook page, 1.5 million followers on Twitter and 1 million blog subscribers. But when you are not feeling well, only your family members and some friends will be sitting beside your emergency bed.”




So, take a break. You might come up with new ideas when you sit back on your blogging chair again. Don’t spoil the charm of your life.



7. Publishing frequently:

In order to increase the number of posts, some bloggers make the mistake of frequent posts. They spend whole day writing and publishing, counting how many they published at the end of the day.
You might have been narrowed to earn more from more number of posts. But, this won’t give you time to market your articles, advertise and share your articles. Frequent and multiple posts will reduce your blog quality.
Quality contents take time. Create one post per week and spend the rest of your days of the week on marketing those posts. Share them, create backlinks, collaborate, Do your SEO, email your subscribers, and earn more traffic from a single post.
It might also be annoying to your subscribers to get notifications every hour or day from your blog. It adds value to your articles when people say, “Hey, Mr. A’s article has come up today” instead of “Save me god, how much more does this guy need to post?”
Your subscribers should be waiting for your post, not hating your frequency. So, blog less and advertise more. If you come up with new ideas daily, draft them.

8. Selecting uninteresting titles:

Readers are attracted by the title. Whenever they click on the link of an article, it is because of the title and featured image. If your topic is uninteresting, people would not prefer to click that link. So, search for relevant and catchy titles and create the posts cleverly.
Instead of writing, “Top 10 things to see in the Himalayan museum”, you can choose to write, “Himalayan museum’s secrets, #6 will shock you.”
This will force your visitors to click your link as they are anxious to see #6th item. “What is shocking?”

9. Displaying too many ads:

While I see a number of blogs showing up their advertisements, pop-ups, compelling links and annoying redirection, I get annoyed. Ads are painful to the visitors and they might want to use ad blockers in their web browsers.
Ads might be your way to cover your website costs but too many of them will irritate and distract your visitors. They might not want to follow your blog. Keep them limited.
Show them only in the sidebar. If your ads are relevant, they will click it. Readers want content, not ads. If you want to earn, there are multiple other ways to earn from blogs.

10. Writing dwarf posts:

To increase the number of posts, some beginner bloggers create very short posts and insert the link of the second part on the bottom of the first post. This will get you more page views but your readers have to suffer. They might want to relate all the topics on the same title. They might want to make comparisons.
If you still want to divide your post into two halves, don’t use phrases like “Click here to read more” in the link. Instead, use compelling phrases like, “This post will help you more.” However, short posts are not SEO friendly. Keep the length of your article of at least 500 words or more for better search engine listing.

11. Not being consistent:

Consistency is the key factor to keep your audience engaged. You might be forgotten by your followers if you post after a long vacation. Being consistent shows you are targeted and determined to your mission.
 It shows the care of your audience. However, consistency doesn’t mean that you keep on posting every hour or day. Keep posting at least a post per week.
Make this your routine. If you post on Mondays, follow the same and your audience will be waiting for another news from you next Monday. But if you are not found that day, you will lose value and trust.
Don’t take a long break. Find new topics and come with another solution for your readers. Remember, the intervals between two consecutive posts mustn’t be too elastic.

12. Not optimizing Search engines:

This is not done by most of the beginner bloggers. It is hard to understand about SEO and traffic at the beginning of any blogs. They think that something will strike and Google will automatically get views for their blogs. Some try different methods to get views but not succeed.
You search out for help but don’t get the secret of traffic. A portion of the knowledge is provided to them by the successful bloggers and the remaining part is sold for money. Still, they don’t get the way. Here I share everything for free.
Configure your site to Google search console and get your blog found on Google search. For that, go to Google search and type in “” and hit enter. If results are seen for your site availability, then it is confirmed you have registered on the search console. If not, then get registered first. After this step, follow some other SEO tips to rank up.
If you are doing these beginning blogging mistakes then please let me know through comments.
Also, include the numbers. If you have overcome some other mistakes, please let me know so that I can integrate that with this blog post.
If I have missed something, let me know.
Thank you for reading, keep sharing. Happy earning!!!

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