Affiliate products to promote in Nepal


Affiliate products to promote in Nepal  

So, you are seeking for affiliate products to promote in Nepal. To find affiliate products that you can promote being in Nepal is difficult. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to generate online income and in case you already have a traffic making blog, then you must consider being an affiliate.
I have already discussed affiliate marketing in Nepal in this article. Straight to the point, there are not many products to promote in Nepal as being an affiliate. However, the available affiliate programs in Nepal are discussed below:

1. Hosting affiliate: 

Hosting is one big affiliate product to promote in Nepal. If you are unknown about what is hosting, then please go through this article once. Hosting is such an affiliate program that can be promoted by any blogger under any niche. There are loads of hosting providers in Nepal but only a few have affiliate programs in their option.
However, you may also promote affiliate programs of international hosting providers like Bluehost, Hostinger or Siteground. The only reason I am excluding these hosting providers to promote being an affiliate in Nepal is that people need to pay in Dollars through credit cards, PayPal or other mediums which becomes difficult.
Not all newbie bloggers have that level of knowledge and they want to start blogging an easy and cheap way. Hosting providers of Nepal support direct bank transfer and payment from Esewa and Khalti digital wallet. You will be sending or receiving payments in Nepali Rupees which becomes convenient. Moreover, they are cheaper than those international providers.
So, it is better to join affiliate programs of hosting companies in Nepal. The major hosting affiliate programs that I am using in my blog are discussed below:

a. WebHostNepal: 

One of the leading domain and hosting providers in Nepal is WebHostNepal and I have purchased this particular domain from them. They don’t offer commissions on Domains but only on their hosting plans. The commission rate is 10% per purchase. If you own a blog or a big follower fan page on any social platform, then you can promote WebHostNepal services and if anyone makes a purchase through your referral link, you earn a commission.

b. HimalayanHost:

Another good hosting provider in Nepal. As an affiliate, you can promote both domains and hosting plans of HimalayanHost in Nepal. This company also offers you the same rate of commission as WebHostNepal.

c. EhostingServer: 

This is the last but not least option in the hosting category of affiliate products to promote in Nepal. Similar to the other two companies, you can promote their services as an affiliate and refer clients to earn the commission.
While you promote their services, it is better to have a blog. Blogs convert more than other platforms because you can research these services in detail and give an in-depth review of them on your blog along with their pricing and plans. At least, you need a platform to promote these services as an affiliate.
And, if you are already a blogger in Nepal, then people are more likely to purchase from you. Assume that you get 5,000 visitors per day in your blog or website and if only 5 of them purchase through your link, you will have a monthly revenue of Rs. 40,000+.
While you will not be limited to only that much as some of your visitors might go through your other referral links of other services and products. So, the more products you promote, the more your passive income.
This is how the popular bloggers in Nepal generate monthly income as an affiliate manager. Don’t get lured by the attractive commission plans of those international companies unless you write on international scenarios. Narrow down your area and you can explore later.
I have already told that blogs convert more than other platforms. If you are a blogger in Nepal and you already use their services, you can give correct reviews and direction to your loyal visitors. That builds trust among your visitors. Why not start a blog in Nepal with the help of my step by step guide?

2. Clothing in Nepal:

A big opportunity and earning source for bloggers under the niche Travel, Fashion, and Beauty. Clothing in Nepal has a lot of products listed in their category and sub-category section. Unlike other e-commerce platforms in Nepal, this platform only sells clothing items. They have narrowed down their area of specialization and this is a good strategy to earn with E-commerce business because the micro category of websites gets more organic traffic and generates better leads.
However, we are dealing with affiliate products. So, you can be an affiliate partner of Clothing In Nepal and promote the following items in your blog:
  1. New arrival clothes
  2. Summer clothes
  3. Winter clothes
  4. Woolen Items
  5. Trousers, Kurthas and other natural 
  6. Traditional items of clothing according to specific ethnic groups
  7. Baby clothes and many more
They offer 5% as the standard rate of commission rate for most of their products listed on their site. See their terms and conditions for payment options and details.

3. ShareASale:

 This is an affiliate junction where you can find tons of products and services to promote. A blogger in Nepal can easily join this affiliate network (they have Nepal listed on their country section and I am using it currently) and start earning. The signup process is easy and you need to fill up a tax form to get payments. However, you can also fill that later.
You can get thousands of products to promote for almost all kinds of Niche or category of your blog. You can promote services, SEO tools, WordPress plugins and themes, e-books, health-related products, educative products, hosting, beauty products, furniture, home and garden, and a lot more. Join the 5 step sign up of ShareASale today and start earning.
Other such networks are:

4. Some other affiliate programs are offered here:

  1. AGM Web Hosting affiliate in Nepal
  2. A2ZSewa affiliate in Nepal
  3. SabKoPasal affiliate in Nepal
  4. Gurkha Host affiliate in Nepal

What about Daraz’s affiliate in Nepal?

If you are searching for Daraz affiliate in Nepal, then I suggest you not to waste your time. Most bloggers talk about Daraz in the topic of affiliate products to promote in Nepal. But, to date, I haven’t found Daraz offering affiliate programs in Nepal. However, we can be optimistic for the near future that this website may offer an affiliate managing option because it is now being managed by Alibaba.Com, one of the largest E-Commerce platforms of the World.
Were you searching for Daraz affiliate programs and want Daraz to offer an affiliate option? Please comment.
You can also refer this article to know more about other affiliate networks to explore more about affiliate products to promote. I hope this article was helpful to you. If you liked this, then please share it on your favorite social network. That motivates me to create more useful articles for you.

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