Affiliate Marketing in Nepal

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing in Nepal
Do you want to learn how to start affiliate internet marketing for beginners the proper way? If you do, then this post is just what you need to assist you to get started. As a beginning internet marketer, you spend hours gathering info, buying courses, e-books, watching every YouTube video about making money online, signing up for countless programs, getting scammed, etc.
I know, I’ve been there. You just about fall through on your face while losing cash, time and energy. Yes, this is how we learn, but there’s a difference between learning smart and learning hard. Starting your first affiliate internet marketing business can be challenging, that said it may be done with little to no startup cost.
There are several key elements you need to know about before you start, this will assist you to understand how big boys and gals are making money with affiliate internet marketing.
First, you need to choose your strategy, your business model, you have a few options that we will be going through below: 
  • Direct Affiliate Marketing
  • CPA Affiliate Marketing 
  • Affiliate Marketing via Blog 
  • Email/Affiliate Marketing 
  • Social Media Marketing 


Direct Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate direct marketing is when you promote products or services without a website, usually, this type of marketing requires a great deal of traffic and can be expensive if you do not have an audience. This marketing plan is done with paid traffic, social network traffic, solo advertisements, and online video marketing.

CPA Affiliate Marketing:

CPA marketing is comparable to direct affiliate internet marketing, the only difference with this model is that you’re getting paid when someone completes a form, survey or simply subscribing to an email list. 
Typically, with most CPA networks, you get paid for impressions as well, this is known as EPC. CPA marketing is among the simplest methods of making money online if you know how to generate traffic or if you can really afford to purchase traffic.

Affiliate Marketing Through Blogging:

Affiliate internet marketing through web blogging, commonly known as content advertising is whenever you create an internet site around a certain topic and you promote products and services that relate to your content. 
Niche web sites and review sites are other forms of content advertising. Similar to this site, if I wrote a blog post on say online video marketing and I recommended a video creation software, I get a commission. To understand more about affiliate marketing through blogging, you can refer to this article here. 

Email/Affiliate Marketing :

Affiliate internet marketing via e-mail is generally known as e-mail marketing, this model requires you to have a list of e-mail addresses that you may use to promote your services or products. To earn money via e-mail marketing you should first build a big subscriber list which is intrigued by what you’re promoting. Building an electronic mailing list takes some time if you don’t have the resources and maybe expensive if you do. Most marketers use CPA networks, solo advertisements and paid traffic to build their list.

Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing means promoting products and services through social platforms. This is best suited for those people who have a large social media audience. For instance, if you have a huge fan following in Facebook fan page or Twitter or Instagram, then you can promote multiple products and services there. However, social media marketing also refers to gaining traffic and engagements from social media sites.
I hope you now understand the preliminary things about affiliate marketing. If you want to understand more about the Affiliate marketing and the aspects/ parties involved in it, then you can read this article here.
If you want to start a blog in Nepal, then here is an article specially for Nepal.




I have created this article piece by piece. Thanks for reading through. It would be very kind of you if you can share this on your favorite social media platform. It helps a tiny blogger like me to grow and inspires me to create further helpful articles.


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Happy blogging.

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