Advantages Of Blog

Advantages Of Blog

At its beginning, web blogging has been chiefly a platform for individual expression. A blog or a weblog has been supposed to be an online diary, journal or log for those that wanted to express themselves online.
 Blogging is now the specialized industry in itself and is being used by people and businesses alike for establishing and improving their online presence. This article explores the many benefits of blogging for companies, brands, and individuals.
Companies around the globe are increasingly leveraging the power of web blogging to enhance their online presence.

Benefits of blogging for businesses:


1. Quick and Simple to Start:

A blog is simpler to begin compared with a company site. There are many paid and free web blogging platforms available and tons of templates to select from. 

2. Easy Integration:

A Company blog is relatively simple to incorporate into your existing site either as a subdomain or a part of the website. Whether it’s a casual message from the Chief executive officer, the achievement of a team member or a channel for business messaging, a blog may add a brand-new dimension into your marketing communication.
Simple monitoring performance of your blog, visitor actions, and opinions dimension allows you to understand the way your blog is performing. 

3. Relationship Maintaining: 

You should use a blog as the CEO’s voice, corporate messaging station or a stage for your team to communicate themselves professionally. You may even utilize it to announce internal developments inside the company that would generally not have found their way into the company website.
A blog can serve a broad vary of wants, whether it’s congratulating a team member on a brand new wheeler or announcing a brand new business tie-up.

4. Thought Leadership:

An active Company blog projects the character of the business. Whether it’s potential business partners, clients, employees, or investors, a good business blog may help you build thought leadership and credibility of your organization. 

5. Search engine optimization Benefits:

A well-crafted site post on a good site can attract visitors from search engines. Your blog can rank for a keywords number that your company web site doesn’t rank for.
New guests drawn to your web site through these keywords could also be directed to your company site, thereby increasing your company footprint, reach and awareness.

Benefits of blogging for an individual:


6. Become your own boss:

You don’t need to seek for a salaried job. Some months of exercise and then you can have your own income generation solution every month. It is an honor to be known as the owner of than to be called as an employee/ staff of XYZ Company.

7. Express Yourself and Share Your Passions:

You can share whatever you are best in. You might have some passions that you wanted to explore but have not got a chance due to a lack of platform and opportunity. Blogging solves this problem. You can express your inside thoughts to the world. You might have not been able to speak out because of your introvert nature. But, it is easier to write than to speak.

8. Build an Online Portfolio:

If you are into some business already but because you didn’t have a strong online profile/portfolio, you might not have been getting enough clients and customers. For example; as a coach, teacher, lawyer, consultant, engineer, etc. You can start building a blog and create your portfolio showcasing your clients’ reviews, your successful stories, pricing, etc. You can also have engagements to increase the client’s interaction through a blog.

9. Refine Your Writing Skills:

Another great advantage of blogging is you can improve your writing skills. Whether you are a student, author, copywriter, freelancer, teacher, editor or already a blogger, blogging helps to increase your writing efficiency and practice. You might come up with some more new terms and phrases that you haven’t used earlier. Likewise, feedback from your audiences also help to improve your writing.

10. Build Your Professional Network:

Through interactions, engagements and link exchange programs, you will increase your network for your professional development. Blogging is not a one time job. Throughout your blogging experience, you will be connecting with a lot of other influential persons that help you to grow and build your professional network.

11. Share Your Knowledge:

You are good at something and you want to share that knowledge. Blogging opens a door to share your expertise. For instance, you are a teacher and you specialize in economics. You might have learned something through your personal economic experience or business economic activities. You want the world to know your experience and blog is the correct platform.

12. Make A Change:

There are problems, injustice, inequality, disparity, and evil practices in your locality, society, state or nation. You want to make reforms and transform society. You are an influential person but you don’t have access to all territories. For instance; you might want to speak about climate change, its effects, and solutions; waste management; remove social taboos; remove evil practices and make a change in the polity. In order to access the globe and address every individual, you can go through blogs.

13. Make money blogging:

Do you want to make recurring income? There are multiple ways to earn from blogging and from a websiteIf your motive is money-making, then you need to set up your prerequisites from the very beginning of blogging. Usually, Googe Adsense and Affiliate Marketing are the common methods that people use to earn from blogs. 

14. Become a Published Author:

To be known as an author is an honor. When you publish an article, you already are recognized as an author. To give all your articles a micro platform and accumulate all your scattered thoughts into a single place, you can start a blog. You can even create an e-book later on from your published articles and give it a meaningful name. Who knows you might be the author of the best seller book in Kindle some years later.

15. Stay Knowledgeable in Your Field:

In the long run, you might forget what you learned or you might get confused with what you have learned. But, if you are a consistent blogger you will stay knowledgeable in your field of expertise. Isn’t that beneficial?

16. Help Others:

You can even blog to help others. For instance, you can publish articles that promote social welfare and humanity. You can write regarding trafficking and child rights. You can raise voice for the aged. You can claim donations with donation buttons on your blog and use that fund for helping the needy ones.

17. Transform Peoples’ Attitude:

There are people who stick to a particular wrong belief and value. There are people who think traditionally. You can motivate them and divert their attitude towards what is right through blogging.

18. Be a brand:

You can set up yourself as a brand through your powerful blogging influence and experience. The bloggers who started blogging back in 2005 are big brands now. Along with that, they are making six figures incomes as well. Write for value passionately and people will follow you later. That is how you become a band.

19. Other benefits:

Learn More
Gain Influence
Establish Yourself as an Expert in Your Field
Influence society
Stay Focused


Regardless of being an individual or a business, a blog becomes a prominent and powerful tool for increasing your online reach. So, why not start a blog today?
What other benefits do you think a blog has? Please leave a comment.
Thanks for reading. Happy blogging
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