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Blogging has become popular today. It is because people can improve their business by starting a blog. Everybody loves content. It might be of any category or kind. People read blogs to get their problems solved.
There are various niches of a blog that you can choose from. You can also read this article to find your own passion. If passion is the motivation to start your blog today, then money will be the motivation later. But it takes patience and time to grow your blog.
Do you want blog niches that make money? Actually, who doesn’t? In order to bring in quick income, you can try these most profitable blogging niches from the beginning phase of your blog. (Quick doesn’t mean that you will start earning from today or next week. It takes a lot of effort, multiple articles in your blog, blog traffic, and at least 5 to 6 months’ patience.)
Here, I have created a roundup article that shows why these blog niche lists are profitable, how much do popular bloggers make from these blog niches and how they make it.
In this article, I am not going about the blog niche ‘blogging’. It is not true that only the ‘blogging‘ niche can rule the market in terms of earning. There are several profitable blog niches other than ‘blogging’ which are capable to make you earn for living.


Best blog niches to start with:

1. Blog niche: Personal Finance

Under this blog niche, you can publish articles regarding saving money, earning tips, frugal living, costs, budgeting, buying, selling, insurances, making money online and offline, etc. There are several bloggers who are making six figures of income every month and counting.
Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, one of the most well-known personal finance blogger reveals that she earns over 6 figures income from her blog every month. Her blog Making Sense Of Cents made over $1,500,000 while traveling full time as seen here.
Likewise, Millenial Money Man made $55,412 as seen here. There are several other bloggers who make big earning under the personal finance blog niche.


2. Parenting:

Are you a home sitting mom? Then this can be a suitable niche for you to start a blog. Under this niche, you can write about babysitting, caring, nurturing, bringing up, feeding, clothing, bathing a baby, understanding children, adolescence, difficulties in bringing up a child and their solutions, upbringing twins, etc.
Every parent is serious about children. First-time parents don’t know how to bring up their child. They can’t understand the psychology of their children. So, parents love to read these kinds of blogs.
FitMomJourney earns $10,000+ per month as seen here. Likewise, EasyBabyLife earns $4,000+ per month as seen here. Similarly, MommyOnPurpose earns $5,000+ per month as seen here.


3. Blog niche: Beauty and fashion

Under this niche, you can blog about beauty tips, hair care, nail art, acne, food and drinks for healthy skin, outfits, dressing up, styling, footwears, seasonal fashions, ornaments, etc.
If you are a housewife spending time over unproductive things but have the knowledge and personal experience about beauty problems and their solutions, fashions then you can think of starting this kind of blog.
For your motivation, this niche has a huge prospect as fashion is ever updating and beauty is the choice of all humans. There are numerous bloggers who make thousands of dollars per month. Some of the highest-earning bloggers under this niche are TheBlondeSaladKayTure, SongofStyle, PinkPeonies, GalMeetsGlam, Alpha Minx, etc.
All these bloggers make a six-figure income every month from their blog. You can check their income going through their website.


4. Blog niche: Product reviews

This is the easiest blog niche to create articles on. Just grab a product, use it and review it. You can review its features, merits and drawbacks, usage methods, pricing and many other details about the product.
One can also review digital services like design, coding, themes, apps, games, etc. There is a huge affiliate earning a chance in this niche as there are millions of products and services in the market.
Almost all of the blogs that are earning today review one or many kinds of products for their affiliate income. So, there is no need to cite examples of this niche. All the affiliate websites review products, so they also come under the same niche and they are able to make six figures monthly income.


5. Blog Niche: Food

Under the food niche, you can blog about cooking, recipes, spices, dishes, taste secrets, preferences, healthy food, organic food, adulteration, diet plan and so on. People love dishes. They are fond of tasting and experimenting with a variety of dishes.
People also want the recipes to try cooking on their own. So, this also counts to be one of the popular and profitable blog niches.
ThebewitchinKitchen earns $6,000+ as seen here. Similarly, PinchOfYum earns $60,000+ per month. Likewise, ShowMeTheYummy earns $46,500 + per month as seen hereJessica Gavin earns $ 5,000+ per month as seen here.


6. Blog niche: Travel

This is another popular and profitable blog niche to choose. Under this niche, you can write articles about traveling tips, places, tools, the beauty of nature, important places, major attractions, costs of travel, luggage and bag packs, people, culture, etc.
LocalAdventurer made $29,907.85 from their blog as seen here. Likewise, AdventureInYou made $95,614 in six months as seen here and HeleneInBetween made $12,000 as seen here. There are several other travel bloggers who reveal their income in their blogs:


7. Blog niche: Lifestyle

Lifestyle is the interests, opinions, behaviors, and behavioral orientations of an individual, group, or culture.
Under this niche, you can blog about people, their cultures, traditions, religion, main features of a specific group of people, their interests, hobbies, activities, economic and socio-cultural status, gardening, survival, travel etc.
Mostly Morgan earns $2,000 as seen here. Similarly, Fitnancials earns $ 4,500+. Some other blogs in this niche are;


8. Blog niche: Health and Fitness

Under this niche, you can write articles about being healthy, healthy eating, healthy foods, organic foods, diet plan, exercise, yoga, jogging, morning freshness, meditation, routine, etc.
To start this kind of blog, you need to be an expert in these subjects. No one has the right to experiment with the health of other peoples. So, if you are a medical practitioner, dietician or fitness trainer, you can start blogging under this category.
HotBeautyHealth earns $7,000+ as seen here. Likewise, Ironwildfitness earns $1,000+ as seen here. Some other sites that earn huge under this niche are;


9. Blog niche: Wedding

Under the wedding niche, you can write articles regarding wedding plans, saving wedding costs, venue, party, gifts, celebration ideas, decorations, etc. People want to plan the wedding by experts’ ideas and suggestions. They want to save costs.
If they are high on budget, they need decoration and entertainment ideas and tips. They need bits of advice on welcoming the guests, division of work, planning the party, planning the variety of food items, etc. So, wedding blogs are found well on the search engines.
This is an emerging niche and so, there are not many bloggers around that I could find their income reports. But believe me, this will soon be one of the profitable blogging niches in South Asia.


How do these blogs earn?

When I researched their income report pages, I found that affiliate marketing and Google Adsense was the common strategy to make money. Some of these also used sponsored posts to add extra dollars.
They also sold tips and tricks, e-books, recipes, affiliate courses, blogging courses, answers, lead generation for other brands, used banner and image advertisements, etc.
You might also want to read about ‘How to make money blogging?‘ and ‘How to earn money from a website?
Some of those bloggers were just new to blogging and after just one year of their startup, they are making enough earnings to make their living. If these bloggers could earn, why can’t we?

Do you want to start a blog?

I think you are now hopeful that blogging will help you earn. There is no limit to earning in blogging and it is better to be self-employed and rule ownself, unlike a regular job.
If you don’t want to take the risk, then you can begin with part-time blogging choosing any one of the niches above. If you want to go through your own passion and choose your own niche, then this article might be helpful to you.
Here is an article about how you can start a blog easily. If you already know about hosting and purchasing a domain, then this ‘step by step guide to starting a WordPress blog‘ is the ultimate guide you need to go.
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Which niche are you planning to choose? Please leave a comment below.




Thanks for reading.


Happy blogging!

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