7 Best WooCommerce Plugins to Boost Your Sales

Best WooCommerce Plugins to Boost Your Sales

7 Best WooCommerce Plugins to Boost Your Sales

Are you tired of shifting from a method to another to increase your WooCommerce sales? Are you confused with a lot of WooCommerce plugins and tools available in the store that claim to boost your sales? And still, you are not able to convert visitors into customers using those tools? Are they abandoning the cart?
Well, it is too frustrating when you are not being able to make conversions and they are leaving your site without making a purchase. I know, because I have experienced this and you know what? I have found solutions and in this article, I am going to tell you about all those tools and plugins that have worked for me and my clients. You can use these plugins on your WordPress website to skyrocket your sales volume.
These plugins might also apply to blogs and websites other than WooCommerce. You might have been being a blogger who sells affiliate products, ebooks or online courses. You might have been experiencing thousands of unique visitors every day but only a few of them make a purchase from your blog/website. Have you ever wondered, why? That is because you are not being able to convert those visitors.
Before we get into the list of plugins, let’s dive into the term cart abandonment in detail to know why customers abandon your cart and how you can change that.

Cart abandonment:

Cart abandonment is a popular term in the WooCommerce industry. Whenever an expected customer leaves your site without making a purchase, then you can call it cart abandonment and no brand would like to see their customer renounce the cart.
According to a survey done by the sales cycle, the global cart abandonment rate is around 77% across all sectors. The cart abandonment rate varies according to the purchase processes and psychological behavior of the customer. If a customer finds an easy and faster purchase option, then he/she won’t take much time to make a decision. 
Usually, finance and fashion businesses have a lower cart abandonment rate because of easier purchase decisions. However, 25% to 30% of users leave the site without purchasing in these two sectors too.
It is not so difficult to persuade the customers in the offline market, industry, and business but in this era, where most of the brands and businesses are going online, they need to understand the behavior of their site visitors through their on-site activities and technical interactions.

Why do shoppers abandon carts?

The cart abandonment depends according to sectors and niches. If visitors find that the purchase process is taking too long, they renounce the carts. This sometimes also happens due to slow website speed and load time.
They also want to abandon carts because they are not ready to buy and might dust wanted to check the final purchase rates of a product or service. Likewise, if they don’t find the appropriate shipping methods, they choose to abandon their carts. 
Similarly, the visitors might just be researching the products and comparing the prices with other online or offline markets. Cart abandonment also happens due to the lack of suitable payment options and payment security. 
There are also other reasons like complications during checkout, not having guest checkout options or other kinds of technical issues.
Whatever the reasons may be, you always have solutions and by using the following plugins, you can easily combat cart abandonment and boost your sales.

7 Best WooCommerce Plugins to Boost Your Sales


#1. OptinMonster:

All of your website traffic does not generate sales. Every day, you get tons of visitors at your store but they leave and most of those never come back. The reason why your store is not generating sales is that you are not using the tool ‘OptinMonster‘.
With its smart exit-intent technology, you can convert your visitors into returning customers. Optinmonster’s exit-intent popup activates just before a visitor tries to leave your website. It analyses the ‘mouse pointer behavior’ of the user and immediately pops up when the mouse pointer moves to the navigation area of the browser.


You can create popups, slide-ins, forms, and content locker campaigns to collect as many customer emails from your site visitors. You can also announce sales discounts and offers in your header or footer with OptinMonster’s floating bar campaign.
You can even target specific visitors by creating a campaign for a particular page of your site. This powerful sales booster tool can also create accurate campaign triggers depending upon your shoppers’ behavior.
Literally, OptinMonster is a customer acquisition tool that collects emails and helps to acquire sales leads. It is one of the most powerful sales booster tool/ plugin around the web.

OptinMonster Review [Updated]: Is It the Best List Building Tool?


#2. Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce:

I have stated earlier that the shopping cart abandonment rate is around 77% in an average in all sectors. That means, only 23% of the potential customers make a purchase. In this situation, the ‘Abandoned cart Plugin‘ is the only tool that you need.
Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce
It helps you recover those abandoned carts from your WooCommerce shop. This plugin works in the background and sends notifications to your logged-in users prompting about their abandoned carts.
This plugin helps you to create automated reminders that can be sent to your customers who have abandoned their cart during the checkout process. 
When the customers make a purchase or use the cart recovery link, the email notifications are automatically stopped. That means this tool will help you recover some portion of your lost sales.
Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce

#3. WooCommerce Guest Checkout for Single Product (WooCommerce direct checkout):

This is a simple wooCommerce plugin that enables users to check out as a guest. With this plugin, a user can Guest Checkout for Single Product through a checkbox from the product page. Users don’t need to sign in or create an account at your store. It is better not to enable guest checkout for multiple product cart because of trust issues.
However, WooCommerce enables guest checkout for all the products by default. You just need to enable the option of guest checkout in WooCommerce settings.
WooCommerce Guest Checkout for Single Product

#4. Mollie Payments for WooCommerce:

One of the reasons behind cart abandonment is due to a lack of familiar payment options. By using the Mollie payment plugin, you can quickly integrate all of the major payment gateways with WooCommerce. This helps to make payments better for WooCommerce.
Mollie Payments for WooCommerce
Credit cards:
  • VISA (International)
  • MasterCard (International)
  • American Express (International)
  • Cartes Bancaires (France)
  • CartaSi (Italy)
Debit cards:
  • V Pay (International)
  • Maestro (International)
European and local payment methods:
  • iDEAL (Netherlands)
  • Bancontact (Belgium)
  • ING Home’Pay (Belgium)
  • Giropay (Germany)
  • EPS (Austria)
  • SOFORT Banking (EU)
  • Belfius (Belgium)
  • KBC/CBC payment button (Belgium)
  • SEPA – Credit Transfer (EU)
  • SEPA – Direct Debit (EU)
  • Gift cards (Netherlands)
International payment methods:
  • PayPal (International)
  • Paysafecard (International)
Pay after delivery payment methods:
  • Klarna Pay later (Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Finland)
  • Klarna Slice it (Germany, Austria, Finland)
You can also track your payments on the Mollie.com dashboard. Likewise, Mollie also supports a multisite WordPress system. 
Mollie Payments for WooCommerce

#5. WP Forms (Contact Form by WPForms):

Another reason why users leave your site without making a purchase is the lack of engagement and exchange of queries and solutions. In order to answer the questions of your potential clients and customers, you need to make contact.
In your WooCommerce WordPress site, in order to integrate a contact form, you can use WPForms. This plugin is one of the top installed contact form plugin and it is available in both free and paid pro versions. With its drag and drop form builder functionality, you can easily create attractive forms in minutes.
This plugin helps you add beautiful contact form along with subscription forms, donation form, registration forms and payment forms that are fully responsive with all kinds of browsing devices, mobiles, and tablets. You can also create landing page forms to increase your conversions.
WP Forms

#6. Save and Share Cart for WooCommerce:

This is another plugin for WooCommerce that allows customers to save their cart and get a unique link to go through it later. It also allows your customers to share their cart publicly that helps other users of similar nature to purchase from a preloaded cart. This makes the transaction easy and checkout quick. This will help you in more conversions.

#7. Optimize your site’s speed:

Faster sites convert more than slower sites. When a customer finds that it is taking a long time to load a particular page than other sites, then the user will prefer to purchase from another store. 
Some of the plugins that you can use to optimize your site’s speed are; 
Similarly, make the checkout process lightning-fast and easy. Nobody prefers to go through multiple pages to purchase a product or checkout from your store. Shout out offers and discounts through popups and forms to attract your visitors to your landing page. 
Never use advertisements that are irritating to your customers. You are already in the motive of making money through sales. So, it is better not to show painful Google Adsense ads, Media.net ads or ads from other ad platforms. Offer cash on delivery and free shipping service (you could always add the shipping charge to the cost of the product or service that you intend to sell). 
The term “free” motivates customers for buying. Don’t include hidden costs during checkouts. Costs like taxes, VATS, and other charges should be already included in the visible cost of the product. That way, your customers will not be confused.
By using these plugins and following the tips above, you can surely boost up your sales volume and combat the abandoned cart issue.
Which one of the above tools were you already using? Please comment.
Thanks for reading. 

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