11 types of blog posts that drive in more traffic

Types of blog posts that drive in more traffic to your blog

types of blog posts that drive in more traffic


There are multiple types of the blog that can generate heavy traffic. Many bloggers begin with an expectation that they will rank higher, get more visitors and increase their revenue from their blog. Regularly, they check their stats and don’t see major changes after publishing some posts. Then, they feel down getting less traffic than expected. Are you facing the same?
Then, you might need to go through this article where I have listed some types of blog posts that can drive in enormous traffic to your blog. You don’t need to try all these. Some types of blog posts ideas might suit your niche while some may not. So, if any type doesn’t serve you, skip it.
It is all about the maybe and not a compulsion.
So, let’s begin.

Types of blog posts:

Blog post #1: List blog post

Types of blog posts that drive in more traffic to your blog
List blog posts are appealing. People want to read articles that involve a list. For instance, “7 ways to save more money”, “12 websites that provide free backlinks”. Right now, you are reading an article with the title “11 types of blog posts”. Make your lists longer.
It is not necessary that you select a magic number, odd or any kind of. After a number, insert the title. You can make a list of anything.

Blog post # 2: How to’s

Types of blog posts that drive in more traffic to your blog
People use search engines to find solutions to their problems. And when they do it, they begin with “How to” most often. For instance:
1. How to write quality blog posts?
2. How to use a washing machine?
3. How to reset an android smartphone?
When you create such kinds of posts, make sure you are explaining more things in detail. Provide as many image guides and screenshots on such posts to make it go with the flow of our text.

Blog post #3: Guides

Types of blog posts that drive in more traffic to your blog
Guides are similar to how-to posts but with a specific purpose. They are more detailed than how-to’s. Under this type of blog post, you create detailed and in-depth resources of a particular subject and cover most of its aspects.
It is not a step by step process but a comprehensive article that covers all relevant dimensions of a specific topic.
For instance, “The ultimate guide to SEO” is a guide blog post where you can accommodate most of the aspects and factors of SEO.

Blog post #4: Case studies

Types of blog posts that drive in more traffic to your blog
Case studies are interesting to read because it covers the practical aspects of real-life brands and personalities. So, people love to read such posts. People get real motivation or get a chance to avoid mistakes that others have already done.
In order to create a case study, you need to carry a long term in-depth research about anything or anyone. Analyze the brand or person, find their background, challenges, problems, and solutions they used and conclude it well.
Moreover, people want to read ‘success stories’ rather than a hypothetical case study that neither motivates them nor correct them. Your readers should be inspired by reading such posts. Also, don’t forget to link sufficient shreds of evidence that support your case study.
 For instance, “How he makes $100 a day blogging? (A case study on GP)“.

Blog post #5: Reviews

Types of blog posts that drive in more traffic to your blog
There are millions of products and services in the business world. Everyone wants to know about them before they purchase them. So, they like reading reviews.
Just like a movie review, create a review about a variety of products and services, describe them honestly, include public opinions, give your own thoughts and recommend your audiences. You can also include your personal experiences about the products/ services.
In the end, add a call to action. If possible, it is better if you can provide or embed images and videos along with the text reviews.

Blog post #6: Opinions

Types of blog posts that drive in more traffic to your blog
This type of blog post includes better expressibility, knowledge of literature and in-depth research on the topic that you want to opine. If the opinions are strong while you catch the nerve and pulse of your readers, then you will go pro. People will love your opinions.
These types of blog posts work better if you have a strong profile, position, and background. However, don’t create anything with anger that might reflect back and people backfire you. Be honest, humble, hospitable and smart while you present your ideas.

Blog post #7: Interviews

Types of blog posts that drive in more traffic to your blog
Interviews give the opportunity to learn new things from the experts. So, people want to read them. Create questionnaires and mail them to persons whom you want to interview. You can also interview them directly and embed a podcast along with its transcribed form on your blog post.
Request them for their time and thank them after you get back a reply. Collect the answers and compile them into an article. Make sure that you have asked deep questions that extract the valuable answers for your readers.
For example, “Stunning interview shows how GP became famous so soon“, ” GP reveals his top SEO secrets“.

Blog post #8: FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Types of blog posts that drive in more traffic to your blog
FAQs answer the questions in a straight forward manner and the readers get direct answers to their questions. So, FAQs are also preferred by them. They are also better for your SEO.
First, create a list of questions that can arise in a particular topic. Then answer them each and include them at the end of the article that is related. You can also simply create a blog post that contains only FAQs over a topic.

Blog post #9: Infographics

Types of blog posts that drive in more traffic to your blog
Infographics are different from images. Images are the visual picture of anything and everything. Whereas, infographics are a graphical representation of facts and features. It includes graphs, charts, flowcharts, processes, etc. Pictures and graphs tell more than words.
So, before you hit that publish button, make sure you have added enough pictures, images, and infographics (if applicable) in your article.
For example, if you are publishing a blog post that says, “Income of 9 bloggers that are under Travel niche“, then you can add a comparative chart of their income inside the article. It attracts the eyeballs quickly.
Also, make sure that your infographics and images are shareable. They create a quick impact on social media. Most of these kinds of posts go viral due to the use of infographics.

Blog post # 10: Controversies

Types of blog posts that drive in more traffic to your blog
Controversial blog posts are created in such a way that people become compelled to comment on your article. This will get more user engagements and interactions which is an essential factor to rank up higher in search engines.
These types of blog posts create debate and people feel to get into it to give their opinions and for interaction. However, you must also be prepared for strong opinions, hate comments and sometimes, readers may want to unfollow you and unsubscribe your blog. So, choose those topics that prevent your fallout.

Blog post #11: Series blog posts

Types of blog posts that drive in more traffic to your blog
Another great way of attracting visitors. Create a series of stories that may be of real-life or fictitious. Share part one of your stories and see how people respond to another part. But, you need to be serious and consistent for these kinds of blog posts. Don’t end your series in a short interval of time. At the end of every part, leave the readers wanting to read the next article.
You can also select any topic under your own niche that is broad and decide the number of articles that will be needed to complete that topic. For instance, I can create a series of “Starting a blog” blog as follows:
You need to post continuously every day or every week without diverting the series by publishing other kinds of blog posts in between.


All these types of blog posts that are mentioned above are proven methods to attract traffic to your blog. If you want to test the results, give them a try and you will be amazed to see the results.
I have not mentioned all types of blog posts that attract big traffic here. There are several other kinds like guest posts, round up posts, podcasts with transcriptions, etc. You can try them as well.
Which ones are you going to try? Please leave a comment below.




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Thank you! Happy blogging!


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